Make sure that you have a site survey for your new coffee vending machine

A site survey is very important before taking delivery of your new coffee vending machine.  It is very tempting to simply look at some pictures on the Internet, perhaps talk to someone over the phone or via email and then place your order.  Unfortunately too often this approach causes many practical problems when the time comes to deliver and install your coffee equipment.  We always recommend that one of our experienced sales team visits your office in order to assess what coffee vending machine will suit you and also, importantly, which machine will actually fit.  This is a completely free service when ordering through Kenco Local Business Service.

Unbelievably we know of instances where a customer has ordered a coffee machine without actually having an electricity supply to plug the machine into.  It is also important that if you have ordered a peice of equipment taht needs plumbing into the mains water supply that you have a supply and fitting to fit it to.  These are the obvious ones but there are other things that we look for.

We will ask ourselves what machine would actually suit your office.  For example a bean to cup coffee machine is a great idea but if no one is going to clean it then it will only cause problems.  Also if you need a machine that will cater for dozens of people at one then a quick dispensing soluble ingredient machine is probably more suitable than a slower dispensing Jura coffee machine.

Our sales team will always measure up the space to ensure that the machine will actually fit.  This includes the space needed for loading the machine.  For example a table to Korinto coffee machine needs to be filled from above and so you need to allow some room for this.

Access to the site where the coffee vending machine will be placed is also crucial.  We will always measure door ways and lifts.  If there are no lifts and it needs to go up some stairs then we will take account of the gradient of the stairs and the turning room on any landings.  These considerations are very important if you are looking for any kind of large floor standing equipment.

All in all there is a lot to think about.  This is why we would recommend that you let the experts do this for you.

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