Not using fresh milk in your coffe machines?… Try Milfresh Superior Granulated Skimmed milk.

If your coffee machine uses a whitener rather than fresh milk then we recommend Milfresh Superior Granulated Skimmed Milk.  It delivers an authentic quality milk that ‘tastes as good as fresh’. This HVO free Skimmed Milk is virtually fat free and makes superb cappuccino and latte with a thick, creamy head. The natural taste also makes it ideal for tea and coffee. We recommend a 4.5g/200ml gram throw for coffee and 2.0g/200g for tea.  The free flowing granules dissolve much better than traditional powdered whiteners or cappuccino toppings.  As such not only do you get a much better quality drink but you also get less blockages in your machines.

Milfresh is now the UK’s leading 100% dairy whitener range.  We have tried a number of other products over the years but none offer the quality and value for money of Milfresh.  It really is the convenient alternative to fresh milk.

Please contact us on 01494 785808 or email us at more details.

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