Offer Your Customers Something Special with the Koro and Maxi Coffee Machines

The compact and elegant Koro coffee machines are perfect for small restaurants, meeting rooms, reception and pubs. Really good coffee comes from well manufactured machines that simply cost a great deal of money and coffee beans that are fresh, perfectly roasted, and expensive, too. No, that is one of those myths in which the coffee industry abounds. There are manufacturers who design coffee machines which dispense soluble solutions and don’t cost the earth. The Koro coffee machines are like that.

For user friendliness there really is nothing to beat Koro coffee machines and Maxi coffee machines. Their simple push button operation and automatic cleaning cycle make them a dream to use. The Koro coffee machines offer you as many as eight specialty coffee drinks, while the Maxi coffee machines give you options on 10 products. What’s more you can adjust them to your taste! Add to that the Maxi coffee machines can dispense drink sizes from 4oz up to 10oz paper/crockery cups, plus mugs, pots and three pint jugs. This adjustability of drink size automatically makes them ideal for high throughput sites.

The Maxi coffee machines are fast and efficient easy to operate table top instant dispense systems. Such machines are therefore rather cute little ideas to encourage staff interaction and generate satisfaction among the employees. The Maxi coffee machines provide a great choice of beverages for somebody either coming very early to the office in the morning or having to wait late, not to mention the endless cups of rich coffee they can have during meetings through the day. Endless cups of steaming hot coffee go a long way towards making customers and employees feel good.

When you need focus and concentration to get things done efficiently then a cup of tea or coffee or even an energy drink can help tremendously in giving you that extra spark to get things in motion and increase performance. And the Koro coffee machines and the Maxi coffee machines do precisely that!

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