Office Coffee Machines Can also Allow Customization

Times have changed and so have office coffee machines . Keeping in mind that people are fussy about their coffee, these days there are office coffee machines which take money, allow for customized selections (such as cream, sugar and special flavors), dispense a paper or Styrofoam cup, and pour the liquid into the cup. The increasing sophistication of the office coffee machines has ensured that they allow for different cup and corresponding volume sizes, varying levels of cream and sugar.

The traditional office coffee machines consisted of a table top unit, push button to select the drink and a simple coin mechanism to enable money to be collected. The format still remains the same but the technology has improved and the taste of the drinks is far superior. Life has been made easier for employers and managers by the fact that these do not need to be bought outright. The availability of coffee machines for lease lowers costs, improves cash flow and lends a great deal of flexibility to the organization that takes them on a lease.

Modern and expensive office coffee machines can offer fresh brew coffee and leaf tea options and serve fabulously tasty drinks. However the complicated brew process means that cleaning and maintenance is more involved and your service engineer will need to call more often. When you negotiate coffee machines for lease, you need to get it clarified as to who is going to be responsible for their maintenance. Since no security deposits or up-front money is required, leasing provides 100% financing. Taking coffee machines on lease is a hedge against inflation. Since your payments apply to the use of the equipment you do not pay for ownership on equipment that consistently depreciates.

Be careful about inspecting the coffee machines for lease to check that they are the latest model and are fully functional. To avoid operational glitches it is best to deal with reputed companies like Kenco which are known to offer dedicated and excellent service. Choose from stylish and sleek range of office coffee machines which will serve you the finest coffee.

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