Operated or Self Fill Vending Machines and Coffee Vending Machines

Kenco Local Business Service aim to be flexible to all our customers needs. We offer an operated service and also a self-fill service on our snacks vending machines and coffee vending machines.

We have many different machines from you to choose from. We have Kenco coffee machines, in-cup drinks vending machines, bean to cup coffee vending machines, full size snack machines, small snack machines which you can place a coffee vending machine on top of,cold drinks machines that hold Coca Cola, Lucozade, Pepsi and Britvic products and combination vending machines (which are half snack and half cold drink).

Operated Service

With an operated service we take control of everything. One of our operators will visit on a schedule determined on the usage of the machine. The operator will fill the vending machine, collect money (if it is not a ‘free vend’ machine) and clean the vending machine.

Kenco Local Business Service will keep a close eye on products that are selling in the vending machine and if there are product lines that aren’t selling then we will take them out and if there are products that are selling out then we will put extra in. This means that we take all the stress of worrying about stock, cash handling, cleaning and ordering and leaves you to concentrate on other parts of your business.

Self Fill

However, if you want to have close control over your vending machines and have the staff resources to do it (for example with catering staff) then you may feel that operating the vending machines yourself is the best way forward.  Obviously this saves costs on our part and as such we can pass these saving onto you.

Or maybe, you would like both. There are some instances where one of our customers might operate a coffee vending machine and Kenco Local Business Service might visit to operate the snacks vending machine.  Sometimes this is where the coffee vending machine on site is of a small capacity and doesn’t lend itself to being operated by us but there is a larger snacks vending machine which is more suitable for us to operate.

As you can see, both operated vending and DIY self fill options have their good points- but really it depends on the solution that you want to offer within your business. Our sales team have a lot of experience and their knowledge of vending machines is second to none.

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