Pour and Serve with the Koro Coffee Machines

You know you have something special on hand if you have opted for Koro coffee . The stylishly elegant Koro coffee machines are prized as much for their looks as for their user friendly operations. It can dispense as many as eight specialty drinks and is most suitable for small or low demand places. Koro coffee has the advantage of offering in cup soluble drinks.

Where speed and quality are both at a premium, the Koro coffee machines are proving their worth. Its automatic cleaning cycle ensures that maintenance hassles are at a minimum. So if you run a reception room or a club, a small office or even a pub, then opting for Koro coffee would be one of your smartest moves. Since its operation is based on the push button principle all you need to do is pour and serve quick, cost effective specialty coffee drinks such as Cappuccino, latte and mocha from your Koro coffee machine .

The biggest advantage of instant drinks machines like the Koro coffee machines is that all the hot drinks are made using soluble instant ingredients. Mocha coffee is really easy to make and experts say that basically all you need to do is add cocoa, sugar and milk to hot coffee, perhaps experiment with some other tastes and drink. Others prefer to actually mix the cocoa, sugar, milk and coffee in a saucepan and heat until it starts to simmer. If you want Mocha coffee from the Koro coffee machine you don’t have to take any hassles. The ingredients come pre-mixed in soluble powder form.

There are those who think that you should add some vanilla extract to the Mocha coffee. If you can’t spare the time and effort, use the instant ingredients. If you are entertaining at home and have the time and the inclination, try putting a pinch of cinnamon powder at the bottom of the glass before you pour from the Koro coffee machine . Typically, Mocha coffee should be more aromatic than normal brewed coffee. This is more true if you have actually used coffee beans which originated in Mocha.

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