Protect your coffee machine from limescale with a good quality water filter

At Kenco Local Business Service we strongly advise that you fit a good quality water filter to your coffee machine or coffee vending machine. This will help protect your drinks machine form the harmful effects of lime scale build up. This has the combined effect of increasing the reliability of your equipment whilst also improving the quality of drink that is produced. Scale build up is a particular problem in the South East of England with it being the single most likely source of fault calls that we attend.

We can provide either the 3M Scalegard Pro system with the convenience of a disposable cartridge and sanitary quick change SQC head, or the larger high capacity Dekal water filters. These are suitable for very high throughput coffee machines and bulk brew equipment. Where we provide equipment we will always give you the option of having a water filter fitted. If you have an existing coffee machine and would like a quote for a water filter or some advice on what type of filter would be most appropriate please contact us. All of our water filters are fitted by our fully trained technical staff.

For more information please call us today on 01494 785808 or email us at

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