Proven Filtration Technology for the commercial coffee machine market

 The new CLARIS water filter systems has been designed down to the last detail to cater for the exacting requirements on quality and service in the commercial coffee machine market, setting a new standard in the Catering and Vending industry. The unique Claris water filter system combines sophisticated filtration technology with smart engineering excellence, up to now only associated with larger and expensive installations.


When technology counts …CLARIS delivers

 The perfect quality of food and drinks depends largely on the water quality. Claris water filter systems give you many benefits including:

• Reduced service costs due to no down- time caused by lime scale

• Ensures the efficiency and long service life of your machine

• Avoids equipment down time and disappointed customers

• Coffee with perfect crema, full flavour and pleasant aroma

• Optimized use of ingredients and improved energy costs

The 5 Stage Water Filter System

Drinking water comprises of various kinds of soluble or insoluble inorganic and organic matters which vary regionally. Even drinking water of good quality contains elements which can cause problems to machinery and affect the quality of food and drinks they produce. The Claris filter systems integrated 5-stage filtration process avoids these problems and helps your business run smoothly.  This five stage filtration process is detailed below:

Stage 1) Pre-filtration media at the entrance to the cartridge retains coarse particles, such as sand or grit

Stage 2) The ion-selective CLARIS medium reduces carbonate hardness while retaining other minerals needed for good drinks quality

Stage 3) Fine filtration impacts the filter media and removes fine particles from the water

Stage 4) High efficient carbon block filter removes harmful contaminants and unpleasant odours and tastes

Stage 5) Solid membrane type filter removes particles down to 5 μm for highest equipment protection

One system fits all

The CLARIS water filter family is a modular filter cartridge system, consisting of a unique multifunctional connection head and a combination of filter cartridges designed for the specific requirements of equipment in the commercial market. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the sophisticated multi- valve connection head, the system can be installed and operated almost anywhere, free standing, mounted or in a vertical or horizontal position.


 Hassle free exchanges and low Service Costs

• Cartridges replaced in seconds ‘twist off – twist on’

• Air vent and rinsing directly at the filter head without any disconnection of tubes

• Automatic Inlet and outlet shut off valves for secure cartridge replacement

• Pressure release valves automatically operated at filter cartridge replacement

• Replacement of all gaskets between head to cartridge with every new cartridge

• Flat cartridge connector allows replacement in limited space

(avoids movement of wall mounting brackets and torque on hose connectors)




 DUOBLEND® bypass valve technology

Thanks to the new patent pending DUOBLEND® bypass valve technology the new CLARIS water filter system allows a consistent and precise adjustment of carbonate hardness. The DuoBlend® valve ensures highest water and beverage quality whilst delivering effective protection of machine parts from lime scale deposits, unaffected from pressure changes in the feed water supply and from flow rates of individual consumers.  In combination with the 5 stage filtration process including a solid final 5 μm Carbon Block filter the CLARIS system sets a new benchmark in the water filter market.



Protection for your machine – perfection for your customers

The precise combination of scale reduction whilst retaining the required level of minerals needed for food processing is the secret to combining best food and drinks quality and ensuring equipment protection at the same time. Even more, the CLARIS water filter cartridges also removes harmful contaminants, unwanted taste, colour and odours from the water and due to its solid Carbon Block filter unlike a conventional mesh filter your equipment is protected from small particles even under pressure shocks. The CLARIS water filter systems offers your business many benefits: Cost savings, reduced ‘down time’ on equipment and happy and loyal customers.

A unique filter concept for changing market requirements

With the changing environment in the Horeca and Operating market, manufacturers of coffee vending machines and water treatment are challenged to develop high quality equipment at reduced investment and service costs. The new CLARIS water filter family does this and offers unique advantages in a compact and cost efficient cartridge filter system. The innovative overall concept is not only very simple and convenient to use, but thanks to its modular design also offers freedom and flexibility for the future.

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