Refurbished Coffee Vending Machines

A good value option for coffee vending machines is refurbished equipment.   They are machines that have been placed at a customer and then come back into the warehouse at the end of a contract.  These coffee machines are completely overhauled.  They are stripped down, descaled, thoroughly cleaned inside and out, tested, repaired if necessary and placed with exactly the same warranty and service back up that we would give a brand new coffee vending machine.

There are many advantages to opting for a refurbished coffee vending machine.  As you might imagine they are cheaper than a new machine.  The rental or purchase price is typically 30 – 40% less than a new version.  Kenco Local Business Service can also offer much more flexible terms on second hand coffee machines.  With new equipment often the minimum lease term is 3 years but with refurbished equipment we can offer a 1 year term. 

To give you an example a new Kenco Singles machine with capsule stand will cost you £650 +vat including the first years warranty.  A refurbished Kenco Singles machine with capsule stand will cost you £395 + vat.  The finish on the refurbished machine is great and we always fit a new front on the machine.  Both machines have exactly the same functions and options and both come with a full on site one year warranty.

Wehave a wide range of refurbished coffee vending machines available including floor standing coffee vending machines such as the Kenco Connections, Kenco Networks, Kenco k Bars and Astro bean to cup machines as well as table top coffee machines such as the Maxi and Kenco Singles machine.  Please call the office for an up to date list of the refurbished coffee machines available.

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