Reward your staff with a new office coffee machine

In these days of doom and gloom all over the media it would be a nice thought to reward your hard working staff.  Of course you don’t want to spend a fortune so how about an office coffee machine that produces indulgent cappuccinos and lattes as a thank you for all of their hard work?

The Korinto bean to cup machine would be a good option.  It is very low maintenance for a bean to cup machine and will produce a wide range of coffee specialities including cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and mocha.  It will also produce a tremendous frothy hot chocolate drink.  We can provide either Suchard or Cadbury hot chocolate.  The Korinto bean to cup coffee machine will also produce up to a 10oz drink which is bigger than your average coffee vending machine and more akin to what you might get from your high street coffee shop.

If you have a very large office then how about the Kobalto bean to cup coffee machine.  It can produce all the same high quality, frothy coffee and hot chocolate drinks as the Korinto but has a decaf option as well.  In addition to that it can produce a very large, coffee shop style 12oz drink.  The Kobalto also has two hot water tanks so has a much larger capacity to produce hot water for tea.  This eliminates the need to have a separate hot water boiler.  As it uses a lot of the same technology as the Korinto it is also relatively easy to maintain.

If you would like to really replicate what you might see in Starbucks or Costa Coffee then how about the Jura Giga X9 bean to cup coffee machine.  This does not have the hot chocolate option but does use fresh milk to produce cappuccino and latte.  It can also produce two drinks at a time which is ideal for a busier environment.  It is also one of the most attractive coffee machine that you will see with the style is synonymous with the normal Swiss Jura cutting edge design.

If you are interested in any of these office coffee machines then please give us a call.  Wewould be happy to visit you and talk you through these options and many more.  We have machines available to demonstrate for you and in certain circumstance we can even place a bean to cup coffee machine in your office on trial.

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