Self fill coffee vending machines

There are some coffee vending machine systems that lend themselves to being looked after by a professional operator and some which are very easy to look after by the end user.  In all instances, whether the machines are self filled or operated by us, Kenco Local Business Service can provide full technical back up with a comprehensive on site warranty.  Typically this is built into the purchase, lease or rental cost of the coffee vending machine.

If you would like an office coffee machine that is easy to look after yourself then the Kenco Singles machine is a good bet.  It’s very easy to look after, stylish and reliable.  When you add the high quality range of Kenco Singles drinks you have the perfect office coffee machine.

The In Cup system is a range of coffee vending machines that lend themselves to the office environment and specifically to being looked after by the end user.  As with the Kenco Singles system it is very easy to use, attractively branded and produces a good quality instant drink.  The In Cup range includes a variety of Kenco and Maxwell House coffees, Suchard chocolate, Kenco Cappio, Knorr soups and orange fruit drink.  You can choose from the smaller Minicup Flex and Style 5 to the large, fully automatic Refresh 1400.

If, however, you would like to go for a bean to cup coffee machine in your office then there will be more cleaning to think about.  This is something that you can do for yourself but you may find that you simply don’t want to.  If you go for a smaller table top bean to cup coffee machine then we will be unable to fill and clean the machine for you as the capacity of the coffee vending machine is typically just too small to allow this.  The same is true of any fresh milk bean to cup machine; it is simply not practicle to have us coming in and filling a fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine.  If, on the other hand,  you opt for a larger floor standing bean to cup coffee machine, such as the Kenco K Bar, then we would be happy to fill and clean the coffee machine for you.  In this instance the option is still there for you to fill and clean the machine yourself but you may feel that it is nice to have someone else take this hassle away.

We are very experienced at finding the right solution that will work for you.  Please give our office a call and we will be happy to go through the options with you.

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