Servicing Sophisticated Tastes with Office Vending Machines

The humble office vending machine has come a long way from the days when you were lucky if it dispensed chocolate bars and potato chips in addition to tea and coffee. The bigger offices no longer find it adequate to invest in an office coffee machine. This is because clock-watching is frowned upon in corporate culture. So if the personnel need to be in office for extended hours, they certainly need more than just their routine cups of tea and coffee.

The proliferation of office coffee machines occurred when savvy managers/employers began to realize that installing an office coffee machine actually saved time and money for both the company and the employees. The company saved money in terms of salary for an office peon who prepared and then served beverages to the staff. The personnel benefitted by getting tea and coffee when they wanted rather than having to depend on the whimsy of some peon. So an office which boasted of its own office coffee machine was perceived as having a sugar daddy management.

Changes came with the spread of the 24×7 culture. When employees need to work in different shifts to embrace globalization, then the most critical of physical needs – food and beverages – naturally began to occupy center stage in the office planning process. The office vending machine began to upstage the office coffee machine. While some office vending machines still dispense only traditional crisps, pizzas, sodas and sandwiches; in offices where the management realizes the importance of healthy staff, office vending machines stock fruit smoothies, fresh fruit slices/servings, yogurt, juices, homemade granola bars, along with confectioneries and biscuits.

Manufacturers have contributed to this revolution by offering more and more sophisticated office vending machines. You can choose how many kinds of products can be dispensed by the all helix glass front merchandiser. These come in sleek designs which add to the slick look of the office and can vend a wide variety of sizes of bag and confectionary lines. Kenco specializes in vending machine. It offers every variety of vending machine depending on people need. Their vending is best in market.

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