Set Your Coffee Service Apart with Coffee Machines

You can set your coffee service apart from the competition with coffee machines that dispense unusual flavored coffees. The key is in the ingredients that are used in the coffee machines UK. If you use instant coffee granules, you have more options with the kinds of blends you can experiment with. Adding flavored syrups to the coffee is one such way. French vanilla and hazelnut are common enough flavors used.

With people getting more and more hooked on to cappuccinos and lattes, most have forgotten some of those traditional blends. Remember those whiskey laced Irish coffees and the brandy laced coffee Napoleon topped with cream? There is no reason why you should not be able to revive some of the nearly forgotten traditional coffees, may be with some kind of variation. The coffee machines UK can often be tuned to adjust measures which make just that difference to the taste and flavor of the coffee.

Some of the flavors that you can experiment with are banana macadamia nut, strawberries and cream, peaches and cream, acorn nut, corn syrup etc. You can also play around with caramel flavors. Caramel is often enhanced with butter to create a creamier, more intense toffee-like taste. In one sip, coffee laced with caramel can recall the flavor of nuts, praline, cream, raisins, and butter. The complexity of caramel is a wonderful complement to the bold, bitter, and aromatic characteristics of coffee.

However, if your coffee machines are the beans to cup variety, then you have the added advantage of playing around with the proportions of mildly roasted, deep roasted and intermediate or regular roasted beans. You need to set the brewer of the coffee machines with sapience to avoid serving tepid concoctions that look like something the coffee flirted with or a scalding cup of thick liquid which chokes. The art of correct concoction is not alchemy. To brew the perfect cup there are some basic principles which will ensure an aromatic refreshing beverage. These steps are grain quality, water quality, measuring, and cleanliness.

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