Setting up your bean to cup coffee machine properly

When you have decided to rent, lease or purchase your new office coffee machine it is important to set it up correctly, particularly if it is a bean to cup coffee machine.  With the plethora of Internet based coffee machine companies it is very easy to simply purchase a bean to cup coffee machine that will be delivered in a box.  They will either not offer an installation service at all or will charge extra for it.  At Kenco Local Business Service our price includes delivery, installation and, at least, the first years warranty.

We have had examples of companies contacting us because they have purchased a bean to cup coffee machine for their office and, as it wasn’t set up properly, the coffee that it produces wasn’t great.  Often once we go in and reset the machine, and occasionally recommend a different coffee, the machines will produce a good quality cappuccino or espresso.  There was an example a week ago of a company buying some Korinto bean to cup coffee machines elsewhere.  They called us saying that they wanted to buy a replacement machine  as they were not happy with the quality of coffee that the Korinto produced.  We were very surprised as we know full well that the Korinto will produce a cracking drink.  With this in mind we despatched a technician to look at their machine.  After half an hour of adjustments the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine was producing coffee that they were very happy with using the Kenco Sustainable beans.

When sourcing an office bean to cup coffee machine it is well worth checking that the company you are using will install and set up your machine to your tastes.  It is also worth checking that it they do offer this service they don’t charge extra for it.  Kenco Local Business Service would never dream of charging extra to simply set up the coffee machine that you had purchased from us.

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