The Jura X9 Coffee Machine is Another Name for Sophistication

The elegant looking Jura X9 is the flagship of the Jura Impressa range of coffee machines. In fact, the Jura X9 coffee machine is so sophisticated that it is a bean to cup technical marvel. It is ideal for middle level commercial use with its two large 650 gram bean hoppers — which means you can brew 130 cups before topping up! So whether you want espresso or black coffee, just press the correct buttons and there it is in your hand. This is enabled by the fact that it has separate hot water and steam nozzles and separate heating systems for steam and coffee.

Another great thing about the Jura X9 is that the coffee spout is adjustable. If you want a large mug of coffee or if you prefer one of those delicate bone china toys, the Jura X9 coffee machine makes it possible to drink out of your favorite cup. Not only that, you can program it to just the strength you want your coffee to be. Its sophisticated automatic frothing system makes it easy to serve a perfect cappuccino or a latte after serving a black coffee.

The Jura X9 comes with a 15 liter Waeco milk cooler which stores up to 4 x 2 liter milk cartons inside. So, if your choice is a flat white, go for it! Its integrated rinsing system ensures that should you need to serve a mocha or a dense espresso shot after a latte, there is no fear of contamination. You don’t need to keep monitoring the bean level in the Jura X9 coffee machine since you will get a warning signal from the machine itself.

Add to this, the Jura X9 comes with its own patented automatic cleaning and descaling. If you prefer, a preventative maintenance can be purchased with this machine. Onsite 6 or 12 monthly visits by their technicians help prolong the life of the machine and you can enjoy the barista quality coffee for a longer period without interruption. You can set up the Jura X9 coffee machine anywhere that is convenient for you and sit back while you and your guests or customers enjoy more than twenty varieties of coffee!

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