The Kenco Singles Drinks Range

If you have a Kenco Singles coffee vending machine then there is something in the Kenco Singles drinks range for everyone in your office.

It seems obvious to start with the Kenco Singles medium roast coffee.  This is our best selling Kenco Singles drink with a flavour profile that appeals to a wide range of consumers.  It is our best “catch all” coffee in terms of it’s strength and flavour.  Obviously PG Tips tea and Suchard choclate are also staples in the Kenco Singles drinks range.  We would feel that the Kenco decaffeinated coffee singles capsule is a must have in an office environment.  These four Kenco singles capsules are the best selling items but there is much more to the range.

If you would like an indulgent treat then how about the Kenco Cappio capsule?  It’s frothy, sweet and thoroughly enjoyable at any time of the day.  If however you need a little pick-me-up then the Carte Noire Espresso is a good option.  It gives you a short, dark, intense coffee experience.  If you would like a dark coffee in a longer format then the Kenco dark roast singles drink is a possibility.  It is very popular with those customers of ours who a want a little more kick in the coffee.  The Carte Noire coffee capsule is also a long, dark and rich coffee and very popular with the more discenring of our clients.  The Kenco Colombian coffee gives you a more fruity coffee possibility.

Of course not everyone drinks coffee, chocolate or PG Tips tea.  To appeal to this group we have Twinings Peppermint infusion and Earl Grey tea available in the Kenco singles capsule range.

In addition there are even more flavours coming later this year!  All in all at Kenco Local Business Service we feel that we have most bases covered with the range of Kenco Singles drinks.

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