Touchscreen coffee machines

There has been a real move over the past couple of years towards more modern looking office coffee machines.  Gone are the days of purely functional equipment as office managers want a machine that makes a statement and looks at home in the modern office environment.  Often there is also a desire to make an impression on visitors to the office, particularly potential customers and even suppliers.  One way that the styling of coffee vending machines has moved on is with touch screen technology.  There are a number of good quality bean to cup coffee machines ideally suited to the office available with touchscreen technology.

We at Kenco Local Business Service are very keen on the Esprecious bean to cup coffee machine from Bravilor.  It is an automatic bean to cup machine that uses a granulated milk, whole coffee beans and chocolate powder to produce a range of delicious drinks.  The touch screen and led lighting give the machine a contemporary look and the brewing unit produces a great quality espresso.

Another option is the Rex Royal S200.  This is a heavier duty piece of equipment that will produce a range of coffees, can use two different types of beans as well as produce hot chocolate.  It can also come as a fresh milk version, although this does require more daily maintenance.  This is also available with a touch screen and can be fitted with led lighting so it can fit in with a variety of environments.

Lastly, and most recently, is the Wittenborg 7100 plus.  This is the latest incarnation of the 7100 but with a new touch screen and bang up to date branding.  This is very new to Kenco Local Business Service but we like what we see so far.  Again it will look at home in even the most modern and contemporary of environments.

As you can see there are a number of stylish machines available to suite even the most upmarket of environments.  For more information about these or any other machine please give us a call.

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