Visit to N & W Vending

On Tuesday 13th December our sales team visited the N & W Vending UK offices in Bilston.  This was a chance to have a look at the full range of vending and coffee machines that they offer.  It was great to deepen our knowledge base on the existing equipment such as the popular Korinto bean to cup coffee machine, the Kobalto high capacity bean to cup coffee machine as well as the Rondo and Snakky vending machines.

We also had a chance to look at the new Canto floor standing coffee machine as well as the two machines that we are most excited about adding to our range: The Necta Solista and Krea coffee machines.  These medium volume bean to cup machines are the replacement to the successful Colibri machine.  They offer a similar range of drinks to the Colibri but with a new superior, and easier to maintain coffee brewer unit as well as a more modern, contemporary look.  These two would be ideal as office coffee machines but would also be at home in the hotel or pub environment.  They both offer black and white coffee, cappuccino, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, hot water as well as a decaffeinated option on all of the coffee based drinks.  The Solista incorporates an internal sugar hopper and cup dispenser capable of vending both 7oz and 9oz cups.  The Krea, being the machine that is aimed more at the HORECA market, does not.   The launch date is around the spring of 2012.  Please keep an eye on our website for more information on these exciting new coffee machines.

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