Which Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

You have decided that you would like a coffee vending machine in your office.  You have then decided that you would like a bean to cup coffee machine.  Finally you have decided that you do not want the hassle of a fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine and have gone for one with powdered milk.  This leaves you with a choice between the Koro, Korinto and Kobalto bean to cup coffee machines.  They all produce high quality bean to cup coffee; so what is the difference between them.

The main difference is the capacity of the machines.  The Koro is a small bean to cup office coffee machine.  The boiler is relatively small and the ingredient canisters are small so it won’t cope with a very high demand or a large cup size.  It is most comfortable with producing a 7oz measure and perhaps up to 50 drinks per day.  While it does have a hot water option it does not cope well with producing marge quantities of hot water.  The odd cup here and there is fine but any more than that and it will struggle to cope.  The other point to bear in mind is that it doesn’t have a chocolate option.  To summarise if you have a small office of less than 30 people and didn’t need it to produce hot chocolate then the Koro bean to cup coffee machine would be ideal.

The next machine up in the range is the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine.  This is a larger machine with higher capacity ingredient canisters.  It will cope with a higher volume of drinks and a larger cup size (up to 9oz).  It still won’t produce large quantities of hot water as the machine struggles to replenish itself but it will cope with a larger quantity of coffee and also offers a chocolate option.

If you have a requirement for a large quantity of hot drinks then the Kobalto bean to cup coffee machine is definitely the one for you.  It has a larger boiler, a second hot tank for hot water and both a hot chocolate option and a soluble coffee option.  The soluble coffee canister is often used to provide a decaffeinated coffee option.  All of this means it can produce a large 12oz sized cappuccino, latte, Americano or hot chocolate, and a large quantity of hot water.  We have put Kobalto bean to cup coffee machines into some of our busiest sites and they have coped admirably.

In summary the main difference between the machine is one of capacity as well as extra drinks options.  The quality of the coffee is consistently high across the range; it’s just a case of deciding what drink options you would like the machine to offer and how many drinks you are likely to need it to produce in a given period.  We have been delighted with these bean to cup coffee machines.  They are ideal as coffee vending machines for your office, canteen, reception or showroom.  When combined with the fantastic range of Kenco coffee beans they really do produce a great drink.  Call the office for advice as to which of these would suit you best.

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