Why do young London professionals like High Street coffee shops so much?

If there’s one group of people who can be counted on to use commercial cappuccino coffee machines on a regular basis, it is young professionals, particularly in big cities such as London.

Indeed, this particular segment of the consumer base can be tremendously important to High Street coffee shops across the country, as they represent some of the most regular and loyal customers around with arguably more disposable income than others.

So what is it exactly that makes coffee shops such a desirable place for them every day of the week? After all, they can surely afford to make a coffee in the comfort of their own home, or even in their workplace with the help of an office coffee machine?

This suggests that their appeal is partly based on the fact that they are very good places in which to socialise and meet, much in the same way that pubs are.  This appeal has been recognised in many workplaces as often “break out” areas are desinged to look and feel like a coffee shop.  Many of them have a coffee shop style coffee machine in them

Coffee shops are seen by some as a more desirable alternative to traditional hostelries as they don’t have any alcoholic drinks in circulation, just a lot of coffee beans and yummy pastries!  This can be particularly important for those young professionals who are networking and trying to gain new contacts, as they want to make the best possible impression.  It also makes you interact with your friends differently than a normal pub environment.

The set up of a coffee shop is often quite unlike that of a traditional pub, as they are consciously designed to be a bit more upmarket and classy, and as such attract a very different clientele.

This goes to show that social status is another key factor behind the popularity of coffee shops with young professionals. They might not necessarily want to be seen stuffing themselves with a fry-up or bacon sandwich (tasty though these sound) in a small greasy spoon cafe, when they can show off their sophisticated tastes by having an exotic, and frothy, blend of coffee instead, as well as a continental delicacy, such as some sort of pastry,  on the side.

The wide selection of coffee varieties available, from latte and espresso to cappuccino, is undeniably a very important matter for coffee shops and chains to consider. But the overall atmosphere and ambiance of their establishments seems to be just as crucial to customers.  Of course so much of the success of a coffee shop depends on the quality and therefore the quality of their cappuccino coffee machine.  Kenco Local Business Service have a wide range of these to choose from, so why not call us for more information.

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