Why You Need a Cup Warmer with your Coffee Machine?

Over the years our experience in renting and leasing out coffee machines has led us to realise the importance of a cup warmer.  If you lease a coffee machine and are dispensing into a china cup we would always recommend a cup warmer.  If you dispense a coffee from your coffee vending machine into a cold china cup you will lose several degrees of temperature straight away. This runs the risk of your customers or staff complaining of a cold or cool cup of coffee.  If you have rented a coffee machine and run a café or restaurant this obviously reflects very badly on you.  Cup warmers are relatively inexpensive and can be worked into the cost of a lease deal very easily.

All in all you would be well advised to enquire about a cup warmer when you lease your bean to cup coffee machine.  Please call the office to speak to one of our experienced sales team.  They are very experienced in all facets of coffee machine supply and all of the potential pitfalls.

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