Wispa Gold, Cadbury Freshseal, Mini Ritz

Wispa Gold

Yes, its back! But who can blame us, Wispa original is renowned for its demands, so it’s only normal that we bring back its sister. But this time even bigger and for good! It limited availability in 2009 made it the No 1 chocolate single of its time which is bound to drive your sales. However, this time out with a new wrapper design. Easy to vend and attractive gold packaging, place next to Wispa original to maximise sales. Speak to your Kraft account manager for more details.

Cadbury Freshseal

Introducing our new edition to our great Freshseal range! Cadbury hot chocolate in its Freshseal format is ideal for a delicious hot chocolate beverage on the go.
Cadbury Hot Chocolate is to join the Kenco FreshSeal2Go family, adding yet another big name brand to the range. Cadbury Hot Chocolate is the number one hot chocolate brand and hot chocolate is the 2nd most popular hot drink after coffee.

Mini Ritz

Branching from the UK’s Number 1 savoury cracker (£13m), Mini Ritz is a brand new and exciting format repositioning Ritz as a snack to be enjoyed on the go. Perfect for snacking and easy to vend. Please talk to your account manager for more information.

Product Benefits:
• Extending reach to new customers
• Bringing incrementality to the snacking market
• Handy 40g bags (ideal size for on-the-go snacking)
• Case size: 30 x 40g

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