You Will Love the New Features in the Juraxs90 Coffee Machine

If value for money is a major guiding principle when you buy anything, the Jura X9 coffee machine is made for you. Both the Jura X9 coffee machine and the Jura XS90 coffee machine come with features that you will definitely fall in love with. They need to be used gently though since both models are meant to serve around fifty drinks per day. If you need a higher output, you should be looking at more rugged models or at industrial coffee machines.

With the Jura XS90 coffee machine a touch of a button is all it takes to make no fewer than twelve different coffee types. The Jura X9 coffee machine goes one better and can offer more than twenty different coffee types. However, what should be music to the ears for a true coffee lover is that in both models all coffee based drinks are brewed fresh from whole beans; thus squeezing every bit of the original taste and flavor into that steaming cup of coffee in front of you. They are ideal for use at the office, in a bar, hairdressing salon, car repair shop or seminar rooms. Add to that they are exceptionally user friendly and you know you are getting real value for you money!

The Jura ranges of coffee machines have a strong reputation behind them and there are numerous households and offices which can’t think of what life would be without them. Fresh ground coffee ensures that you will have the best aroma and flavor from the coffee beans that you are brewing because the oils that give this particular smell and flavor are released at the process of grinding. The mere thought of a fragrant cup of coffee brewed from freshly ground beans at the mere touch of a button without having to wait forever and a day for it is tempting to say the least. If you have a Jura XS90 coffee machine or a Jura X9 coffee machine you know that all this is possible – every day!

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