Kenco Millicano Vending Machine

Evolution With Millicano Branding

To the right is an image of the Evolution floor standing coffee vending machine with Kenco Millicano branding.  It works in the same way as any soluble ingredient automatic machine.   It is fully automatic, meaning that you simply make your choice and then the machine delivers the drink of your choice in a paper cup.   It will deliver a range of speciality coffees as well as fresh brew tea, frothy hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee.  This particular system also has an internal sugar dispenser and the facility to fit a payment system which allows you to charge for the drinks. It will dispense into your own cup or into a paper cup that is help within the internal cup dispenser.    On top of all of this I am sure that you will agree this particular machine looks fantastic.  On one level this is obviously only a cosmetic consideration.  However it is remarkable how an attractively styled machine will get considerably more use than one that looks dated or a bit tatty.  In addition to Kenco Millicano we would use Milfresh milk granules, real PG Tips leaf tea and Suchard or Cadbury hot chocolate powder to create the drinks.  The use of these premium ingredients ensures that the drink quality from this machine is second to none.

For more information please call us and we will be happy to help.

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Kenco Millicano Branded Bolero Machine

Millicano Bolero

I thought that I would post a sneak preview of the new Bolero table top coffee machine with Millicano branding. I think it looks fantastic and it certainly produces a lovely cappuccino. The Bolero itself has been a mainstay of the industry for a few years but this new branding really makes it stand out. This particular machine is perfect vehicle for the new Millicano vending coffee.  It’s easy to use, simple to maintain, quicker to dispense than a bean to cup system and cheaper per cup than many other coffee vending machines.

Later in the year we will be stocking this machine so for more information please call us.

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How will Kenco Millicano work in your coffee vending machine

With Kraft launching Millicano into the vending market there is bound to be some conjecture as to what coffee vending machines will be suitable for use with it. 

Kenco Millicano is a soluble product that contains 15% finely milled coffee beans and 85% freeze dried soluble coffee which instantly delivers the full bodied mouth feel of a bean to cup coffee.  From this I am sure that you can infer that this product works in the same way as a traditional soluble product.  What this actually means in practice is that any machine that you use coffee granules in will be able to use Kenco Millicano.  Machines that are suitable are therefore the Maxi, Crane Vision, Astro and many more.  Basically any machine that dispenses soluble coffee from a canister will be able to use the Kenco Millicano.

You may well ask why use Millicano?  In simple terms it is a way of offering a bean to cup quality drink through a soluble ingredient coffee machine.  In practical terms the benefits include a quicker drink dispense time as a bean to cup drinks takes almost 30 seconds longer to dispense.  A soluble ingredients machine is anywhere between £500 and £1000 cheaper, so there is a significant cost saving.  The cost of a coffee produced from Kenco Millicano is typically 1 to 2p cheaper, so there is an ongoing reduction in costs.  On average bean to cup coffee machines are more complicated and go wrong more often than simpler soluble ingredients machines.  Bean to cup coffee machines generally also have more expensive parts.  All of this generates a significant cost saving both up front and on an ongoing basis when compared to a traditional bean to cup system.   Lastly the Millicano product will stay fresher for longer than beans.  Once beans are open they will start to degrade and taste more and more bitter as time goes on.  This can happen within a matter of a few days whereas with Millicano it takes much longer before it starts going stale.

As you can see there are some compelling arguements for using the Millicano option.  Having said all of this there are still many people who will prefer the aroma and, for want of a better word, “theatre” of a bean to cup system.  On top of this there is also the perception that abounds of bean to cup being the best quality coffee you can have.  Often peoples perception, rather than the reality, is the biggest problem you face when discussing coffee machine options.  Probably the best option is to try the product and see for yourself.  All we would ask is that you keep an open mind when considering the options.  One other thing that you should bear in mind is that if you are using Millicano then it really is best to use a premium milk product in conjunction with it to create your cappuccino and latte.  The best product on the market is Milfresh which is 100% granulated milk.

If you would like more information or would like to test this product then please contact the office.  We will be delighted to help and advise where Millicano might be a good fit.  It will not suit every scenerio but will be ideal for some.

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Using coffee grounds on your compost heap

I have just started using coffee grounds from the Jura Giga x7 bean to cup coffee machine in our office on my garden as compost.  Having done some homework there does indeed seem to be a groundswell of opinion that it makes very good compost.  as you might imagine all of the bean to cup coffee machines that we provide create a very large amount of used coffee grounds.  If it proves to make good compost then not only might I benefit by having a lovely garden but the environment will benefit from less waste being put into landfill.  I will let you know how I get on with it.

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Coffee machines to rent for your pub

In this country we have become much more demanding about the quality of coffee taht we expect.  This had led to environments where traditionally there wasn’t a demand for high quality requiring a much better quality offering.  One such environment is your local pub.  A few years ago a mug of tea or an instant coffee were the drinks that you might have expected to be offered but now the expectation is for a range of speciality coffees including latte and cappuccino.  Having said this the number of hot drinks served in a pub might not always be that high.

A good solution for this would the Koro bean to cup coffee machine.  It is a small, table top machine that can produce frothy coffees at the touch of a button.  It uses a milk substitute (we strongly recommend Milfresh) rather than fresh milk.  This means that there is awfull lot less cleaning required than with fresh milk.  The quality of drink is fantastic, it’s relatively cheap and will comfortably cope delivering 40 – 50 cups a day.  This type of capacity would suit all but the busiest pubs. 

If you like the sound of this but would like to offer hot chocolate then the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine is an alternative option.  It offers the same coffee choice as the Koro but with a canister for chocolate powder.  Overall it is a larger, higher capacity machine.  Unlike the Koro it must be plumbed in as there is no facility to have it manually filled.

Either of these machine are available to buy or to lease along with a wide range of other coffee systems.  If you would like more information then please call the office.  You may benefit from some advice from our highly experienced sales team.  They would be happy to visit your pub and recommend a suitable system for you.

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Delay of the new Kenco Singles machine

Unfortunately there has been another slight delay in the launch of the much anticipated new style Kenco Singles machine.  We were expecting our first delivery of the new style machines to be in our warehouse in mid May.  It looks now like this will now happen in early June 2012.

As I have discussed before in this blog the new machine is 24% smaller than the existing model.  It is also much more modern in appearance and the machine launch will also coincide with the launch of two new drinks capsules, which will be the Cadbury chocolate and larger cappuccino drinks capsules.

The Kenco Singles brewer is a fantastic hot drinks system as it provides a range of high quality filter coffees and teas as well as hot chocolate and Kenco Cappio.  It is easy to use, requires very little regular maintenance and is industry leading for it’s reliability.  It has many applications but perhaps it’s most popular use is as an office coffee machine.

If you are interested in the Kenco Singles system then please give us a call.  We have both new and refurbished machi

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The most popular office coffee vending machines to rent in London

The area of the country that we supply more office coffee vending machines into than any other in the country is London, and specifically central London (West End and The City).  The most popular machine in this area for us has historically been the Kenco Singles brewer.  There are many reasons for this popularity.  First and foremost the drinks range is extensive and the quality of those drinks, particularly the filter coffees is great.  The coffee is genuine filter coffee and as such is a great improvement if what you are used to is instant coffee from a jar.  The machine itself is relatively small and as such will fit into most workplaces.  It also has theflexibility of being able to be plumbed into your water supply or being filled manually.  Again this option makes it easy to be placed into almost any environment.  Another great advantage of this system, particularly in these days of financial hardship, is the relatively low cost of the machine.  Shortly the new Kenco Singles machine will be launched with an even smaller footprint and a more modern look.  The other news is that there will be two additions to the Kenco Singles drinks capsule range.  These are a Cadbury drinking chocolate drink and a new two stage cappuccino drink.  The Cadbury option speaks for itself while the two stage drink will offer a larger, more genuine cappuccino than is available in the existing range.

Whilst the Kenco Singles machine is still our most popular coffee system that we rent out in London our range of bean to cup coffee machines are rapidly catching up in popularity.  These have been a great addition to our range of office coffee machines.   The most popular of these has proved to be the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine.  This is relatively compact table top machine that offers a range of genuine bean to cup coffee specialities as well as delicious frothy hot chocolate.  It is easy to use and easy to clean adn maintain.  We have offered this system for over two years now and it has proved to be the most reliable bean to cup coffee machine that we have ever offered.  When set up correctly I challenge you to tell the difference between a cappuccino made from this machine (with Milfresh) and a cappuccino made from fresh milk.  It really is that good!

The trend in recent years in office coffee machines has been for table top systems such as the Kenco Singles brewer or the Korinto bean to cup machine.  However there are still some scenarios where a floor standing coffee vending machine is more practical.  In these instances there is still a desire to offer a good quality coffee.  Where this is the case the Astro coffee vending machine is a good choice.  It offers the same quality of bean to cup coffee as the Korinto but with a wider drinks choice, an internal sugar canister and an internal cup dispenser.  It can also be fitted with a full change giver which allows you to charge for drinks if you so wish.  There is also the ability for the machine to produce drinks of a 12oz size, mimicking the drinks offer from a high street coffee shop.

As you can see we offer a wide range of office coffee vending machines to rent or lease in London.  Whatever type of system you are looking for please do give our office a call.  We would be happy to advise you on the most appropriate choice.

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Kenco Vending Offer The Full Range of Kenco Drinks Machines

At Kenco Local Business Service we offer the full range of Kenco drinks machines.  These have many different uses from coffee vending machines, bean to cup coffee machines for restaurants or hotels, office coffee machines to drinks systems for use in meeting room and reception areas.

Our best selling drinks system is the Kenco Singles machine.  This is a capsule system which means that each drink is individually sealed allowing it to keep your filter coffee as fresh as possible.  It is easy to use and maintain and delivers a great drink.  Other benefits are that it has a small footprint and therefore will fit into a great many different spaces, it can be both plumbed directly into your water supply or be manually filled with a jug and, on top of all of this, it is the most reliable machine in our range.  With all of these positives it is easy to see why the Kenco Singles brewer is our best selling machine.  Another great piece of news regarding this particular machine is that the new style Kenco Singles brewer will be available within the next couple of weeks.  This will be 24% smaller and possess newer, more contemporary looks.  With this launch will also come a couple of new drinks capsules: a Cadbury chocolate capsule and a newer, larger cappuccino capsule.  Both of these are great additions to the drinks range.

The Kenco In Cup system is our next most popular range of machines.  This range includes table top machines such as the Style 5 and floor standing, fully automatic machines such as the Refresh 1400.  Again this is a very simple system to maintain as the drink ingredients are in the in the cup and the machine adds hot water and, if selected, sugar.  As with the Singles system the machines are very reliable, mainly because of their simplicity and require very little in the way of cleaning and maintenance.  Most of the In Cup systems can be fitted with coin mechanisms so if you want to charge for the drinks then you can.  We can even visit your premises and fill up the larger floor standing in cup coffee vending machines.

Currently the fastest growing type of system (when calculated by drinks vended) that we offer is the bean to cup coffee machine range.  The volumes are catching up with the singles and in cup products very fast indeed.  We offer both floor standing, full automatic bean to cup coffee vending machines such as the Astro and also table top systems such as the Korinto bean to cup machine.  Both of these machines use the same ingredients and have the same type of grinders and brewers and as such both produce an equally high standard of coffee.  There is perception issue here in that the table top machines such as the Korinto are seen as “coffee machines” and the floor standing equipment such as the Astro are seen as vending machines or coffee vending machines and it is assumed that they produce an inferior product.  This simply isn’t true.  We are very proud of the quality of coffee that we can produce from an Astro or K Bar bean to cup machine.

The other type of bean to cup coffee machine is that which uses fresh milk to produce cappuccino and latte.  We offer the Jura coffee machine range.  These are a fantastic range of Swiss made, table top bean to cup coffee machines that produce a range of high quality coffees at the touch of a button.  Providing that the machine is set up correctly, and you use good quality fresh coffee beans, these machines really do offer a product that is comparable to that you might expect from a High Street coffee shop.  The one main point to consider when thinking about this particular style of system is that they must be cleaned every day.  This process is not particularly arduous but if it is not performed then the machines will malfunction.

Another system that we supply a lot of is the soluble ingredient, fast dispense, coffee vending machines.  As you might expect these use soluble ingredients such as coffee granules, tea granules and chocolate powder.  The big advantage to these type of machines is that they have a high capacity and produce drinks at a much quicker rate than filter or bean to cup systems.  They are available in both table top (Impresso Maxi) and floor standing formats (Astro Soluble).  These machines will produce a range of speciality coffees, tea and hot chocolate.  Whilst it is true that the quality of the coffee drinks is not as good as a bean to cup coffee product it is still possible to create a perfectly passable cappuccino with instant ingredients.

Later this year will come the launch of the Kenco To Go system.  This is a 12oz, branded double walled paper cup product with the ingredients sealed in the bottom of the cup.  All you need to dispense these drinks is a hot water boiler or the Kenco Freshseal boiler.  This product is ideal for outside catering, stadiums, trains and planes, basically anywhere you need to dispense large, good quality coffees and teas quickly.

Lastly we can provide Kenco filter coffee machines.  These range from the small pour over filter machines to large Bunn bulk brew coffee machines that will produce large amounts of filter coffee and keep it warm for relatively long periods of time.  This makes this type of equipment ideal for conferencing and hotel environments.

As you can see we offer the full range of coffee equipment and consumables.  Whatever you are looking for please call the office and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.  We have a very experienced sales team that can advise you in all aspects of coffee supply.  We also have a wide range of refurbished equipment available that we can offer on very flexible deals including shorter term rentals and, in certain circumstances, on free loan.  We cover London and the Home Counties.  This means that we offer a great service in towns such as Watford, High Wycombe, Slough, Aylesbury, Maidenhead and Hatfield.  If you are based in London, particularly the central areas such as the City of London and the West End of London, then we can offer a service that is second to none in the industry.

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Dispense Hot and Cold Drinks with Coca Cola Coffee Machines

There are so many kinds of drinks vending machines that you need to take a call on whether you want a can vending machine or a coca cola coffee machine . It really depends on whether you need to serve only a wide variety of drinks or whether you need to offer some kind of snacks too. A can vending machine will dispense a wide range of well known traditional soft drink brand names including, Coke, Diet Coke, 7UP, Lilt and Tango, as well as snacks including Walkers, Cadburys, Mars, McCoys, McVities and Nestle.

There are many kinds of traditional snacks like nuts, biscuits, chocolates, fruit smoothies and pretzels which are packaged in both cans and packets/bottles. Usually a can vending machine will be able to handle both kinds. The combi vending machines can vend crisps, bars, cans and bottles from the same machine — a prime example being the Bevmax Combi Vending Machines. The Snakky Max snacks can vending machine offers a very flexible layout which can be configured to your requirements incorporating cans, bottles as well as snacks and confectionary items, including chocolate.

One of the most popular coffee machines is the Kenco Singles machine which is very easy to use. These table top coffee machines are attractively styled and possess a small footprint, enabling them to fit into spaces that many other office coffee machines wouldn’t be able to. High quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate can all be dispensed from them. If you need a Coca Cola coffee machine one option would be the Refresh 1400 coffee vending machine. This is a fully automatic drinks machine that offers a wide range of teas, coffees, chocolate, soups, fruit and other soft drinks.

Any choice you make will be or should be guided by how many people need to be served on a daily basis; what are their normal drink preferences; do the typical users pay for their drinks or are they being given gratis? That and what your budget is will help you decide whether you want a can vending machine or a Coca Cola coffee machine .

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Eliminate Messes in the Cafeteria with Coffee Machine Lease

Typically a coffee machine London does more for you than simply brew a cup of coffee. Often it is a hot drink solution in itself dispensing different kinds of coffee, hot chocolate, green teas and even health drinks. There are some models of coffee machines London which will brew the precise quantity needed and all you need to do is place the cup or mug neatly under the spout. Anyone who has ever tried to brew some tea or coffee in a pot knows that there is often considerable effort required to avoid spillages while pouring into a cup and other waste.

For one, most people often brew more than the exact amount required to avoid having to repeat the process – this leads to a great deal of waste when the brew is not drunk up. Add to that, someone who does not get the brew immediately stands the risk of getting a tepid cup of coffee or tea or chocolate. When you have a coffee machine London, you eliminate all these hassles. People get their hot drink when they want and in the quantity they want. There are no extra efforts required to keep the cafeteria neat and clean.

With coffee machines lease you have several options on hand including changing the model of the coffee machine London according to your changed needs. Most of the time people harp on the savings effected by coffee machines lease in terms of initial outlay as well as tax savings. The flexibility it affords you is often down played. Obviously there are certain precautions you should exercise before signing on the dotted line. Check to see who is responsible for the maintenance of the coffee machine London – you or the company from which you lease it.

It is also wiser to try and physically check the machine before finalizing the coffee machines lease . It should be in good state of operation and repair. It would also be good to find out whether it is still within the warranty period in case any parts need to be replaced.

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