Rent a coffee machine for your garage

A popular location for a coffee machine is the waiting area in a car repair garage.  There are often customers waiting for some time and a decent coffee machine is a good way to keep your valuable customers happy.  Some garages give the coffee away free and some look to charge for the drinks.  We can offer coffee vending machines that allow you to choose either option.

Typically the criteria for a coffee vending machine in this kind of environment is one that delivers a decent drink but doesn’t require a lot of cleaning and looking after.  The Kenco Singles machine is ideal as it offers a good quality drink but with minimal hassle.  The coffee is a filter coffee and the machine will only need a superficial clean every couple of weeks.  It’s also very easy to use from your customer point of view.  The machine can be fitted with a validator unit which means that you can charge for drinks if you would like.

The other system that suits this kind of environment is the Kenco In Cup system.  Because the ingredients are already in the cup all the machine does is to add hot water and sugar.  This means that this is a very simple machine to fill, clean and maintain.  If you are looking for a table top option then the Kenco Connections or Style 5 fit the bill and if you require a floor standing fully automatic machine then the K Bar or the Refresh 1400 would suit.  In all cases there is the option to charge for the drinks.

We have both new and refurbished models available of nearly all of the machines mentioned above.  The new machines are available on a variety of purchase and lease options.  However with the refurbished equipment we can offer a wide range of deals including short term, flexible rentals and even free on loan deals (subject to usage).  For more information on these machines and deals please give us a call.  We would be very happy to advise you as to what option is the most suitable for you.

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The New Kenco Singles coffee machine to rent or lease is almost here

This is the week of the launch of the new Kenco Singles machine.  We are not actually expecting the machines into our warehouse until the end of this week or even the beginning of next but we definitely can now take orders for the new style system.

The Kenco Singles brewer is ideal for use as an office coffee machine or for use in meeting rooms, behind a bar or in reception areas.  It is easy to use, produces a great quality drink and, with the new slimmer styling, is contemporary and stylish.  The new style machine offers all of the benefits of the existing system but with a 24% smaller footprint and a larger drinks range.  The new capsules in the drinks range are Cadbury chocolate and a new larger cappuccino drink.

These machines are available to purchase outright or lease.  Alternatively we have refurbished coffee machines that are available on short term, flexible rental deals.  We are the most competitive supplier of the Kenco Singles system in London and the South East of England.  For more information, to arrange a demonstration or to order one of these machine please give us a call or send us a email.

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Introducing the new Voce coffee vending machine

 Crane Merchandising Systems have recently introduced the Voce: a new freestanding range of hot drink machines. Crane believe that the Voce is sure to increase sales by attracting users to a fantastic looking machine and providing exceptional beverage quality, ensuring unmatched customer satisfaction with every purchase.

The Voce range provides a truly versatile drinks vending solution for all environments where a high quality beverage needs to be served quickly and efficiently. The machines offer a full range of instant, freshbrew, roast & ground and bean to cup drinks, plus the option of still and carbonated cold drinks. The Voce ranges supports cup sizes of 7oz and 9oz, or why not bring the coffee shop experience to your business or workplace with our 12oz coffee shop style cup size

Voce machines are also environmentally friendly, and are manufactured where possible from recyclable materials. Voce incorporates energy saving software, which can be programmed to reduce energy consumptions during periods of inactivity.

We have yet to try a Voce ourselves but have heard great things about it through the vending grapevine.  There is a need to source a new floor standing coffee vending machine as the tried, trusted and hugely successful Astro appears to be coming to the end of it’s life.  It is our intention to try one or two of these coffee vending machines out and then to draw our own conclusions.  When we have done this I will be sure to bring you our thoughts and ideas on this blog.  On the face of it the Voce seems to offer everything that you might want from a coffee vending machine.  If you would like more information about this system or on any of the other equipment in our range than please give the office a call.
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Style 5 versus the Connections coffee vending machine

The Kenco Connections coffee vending machine has been superseded by the Darenth style 5 system.  There are a great many similarities but there are a few differences too, mostly favouring the newer Style 5.

Both of these coffee vending machines are in cup systems that offer five choices and use the high quality Kenco range of 76mm paper in cup products.  They are also both semi – automatic.  This means that the user dispenses the cup and then manually moves it to sugar station (if sugar is required) and then onto the water station.  The Connections dispensed it’s cups by the user pulling a drawer arrangement to allow the cup to drop, with the Style 5 it is with an easier electronic push button arrangement.  Both machines are table top and have an internal sugar dispenser which allows all drinks to be taken with or without.  Both are exceptionally robust with remarkably low technician call out rates. 

As you can see there are a lot of differences.  However we would contend that the Style 5 is a superior machine for the following reasons.  Firstly the Style 5 can be fitted with a full change-giving coin mechanism whilst the Connections cannot.  What this means is that if you want the machine to charge the user to take a drink then with the older machine they will need to use exact money while with the newer Darenth machine they can use any denomination of coins and get change.  The Connections will not take the £1 or £2 coin which the Style 5 will.  Both systems can have a chiller unit fitted to allow then to dispense ice cold water for use with the fruit drink, however the Connections can only do this by housing it in a cabinet which means that it is no longer really a table top system.  The Style 5 houses it’s chiller unit in the main body of the machine and so can maintain it’s status as a table top machine if you want a chiller or not.  Lastly it is possible to fit a can vendor or snacks machine under the Style 5 making it a complete vending solution.  There is no such facility with the Connections.

Both of these systems have good points but it is fair to say that the Style 5 offers more flexibility and choice.  These coffee vending machines are ideal for medium use situations where an in cup system is best, for example a trade counter or car garage.  In cup systems are perhaps the least hassle coffee vending system that you will find.  If you would like more information please call the office and we will be happy to send one of our experienced sales team out to see you.

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What is the best type of coffee machine for your canteen?

Different coffee machines are suitable for many different applications.  If you have a busy canteen that will be used heavily over a short space of time then you will need a different systems than if you are looking for an office coffee machine that might be used steadily throughout the day.  There two main types of coffee vending machine that you might be looking for.  One is a counter top system that will dispense a large number of drinks in a relatively short space of time.  The other is a floor standing machine that again will dispense quickly.  You might be looking for a bean to cup option but please bear in mind that these will dispense much more slowly than a machine that uses instant ingredients.  Typically a bean to cup drink might take 30 – 40 seconds to dispense where a drink made from purely soluble ingredients like coffee granules will dispense in a few seconds.

If you are looking at a table top machine then the N& W Kobalto would be an ideal choice.  It is a heavy duty table top coffee vending machine capable of dealing with a high workload.  It is available in an instant ingredient format or as a bean to cup coffee machine.  Either version will deal with a high workload as it has two systems and the power supply can be upgraded from 13amps to give it extra capacity.  In addition to this the product canisters are large meaning that you do not have to continually be filling them up.

If you are looking for a floor standing coffee vending machine to cope with a large number of vends then the Astro is a good choice.  Like the Kobalto it is available as either a soluble ingredient machine or as a bean to cup system.  It has a large cup capacity and also gives the user the option to use their own mug.  Like the Kobalto it has large ingredient canisters which cuts down the number of times that you need to fill them up.

Either of these systems will cope with a high workload, you just have to decide if you want a counter top machine or a floor standing coffee vending machine.  As I mentioned earlier please be aware that if you want a bean to cup offer both machines can provide this but the dispense time is much longer.  A few seconds extra per drink does not sound like much but if you have a long queue of people waiting for a coffee it can be a problem.  One way to get around this problem is to have two bean to cup machines next to each other.  This certainly will cut down the queuing time but quite obviously has cost implications.  We have other systems in our portfolio that can offer a solution for a canteen and it is worth taking some advice from our experienced sales team as the wrong offer in a busy canteen can be a real problem.

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The future of coffee vending machines

Over the years vending machines that dispense coffee and tea have gotten a reputation for delivering what can at best be described as something warm and wet in a small, unappealing plastic cup.  The tea in particular has garnered a reputation for being pretty lousy.  In some cases this bad quality offering still exists however at Kenco Local Business Service we believe that you do not have to settle for this as there are much better offerings available. 

Traditionally a coffee vending machine would have delivered coffee and tea made from soluble granules, a cheap whitener that lost any froth very quickly and a small 7oz plastic cup.  Sadly this image is what many people picture when asked for their thoughts on coffee vending machines.

We simply believe that you do not have to accept this state of affairs.  Let’s start with the ingredients.  There are many bean to cup systems available now meaning that the coffee based drinks are produced with an espresso base made from fresh gound coffee beans, just as your cappuccino is produced at your favourite coffee shop.  If you like a cup a of tea then there are a variety of fresh brew tea systems on the market.  What this means is that the tea is brewed under pressure from real tea leaves.  Again the difference in quality between a good fresh brew system using real tea leave and an instant system using granulated tea is startling.  In all cases now we use Milfresh which is the best quality milk substitute in the industry.  It contains nothing but milk and as such gives a great finish whether used in a flat coffee or white tea or when it is used to create froth in a cappuccino or mocha.  Once you have decided on a coffee vending machine that has a bean to cup and/or fresh brew tea system and opted to use the the correct ingredients you must unsure that the equipment is set up correctly and uses the correct amount of the ingredients to deliver the best quality drink possible.  If your equipment is set up by one of our technicians then we will also make sure that we do set it up in the way that you would like in order to provide you with the best possible drink.

Not only are the ingredients important so is the type of cup that the drink is delivered in.  A small, flimsy plastic cup simply isn’y very appetising.  However with a K Bar or Astro machine it is possible to have a larger 9oz paper cup, or in the case of the Astro “Big One”, even a 12oz paper cup.  This really does give a coffee shop style offer.  With the Astro coffee vending machine you also have the option of using your own mug rather than a paper cup delivered by the machine.

When you add all of this to the trust you can place in a quality brand like Kenco coffee you are looking at what we perceive as the future of coffee vending.  There is no excuse for poor quality coffee and tea through your coffee vending machine.  Whilst it is true that you will never please everybody all of the time you can create a good quality coffee vending offer in your office or workplace.  For more information please give us a call.  We would be very happy to visit you and go through the options.

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Our first Genesis Bean To Cup Coffee Machine!

Our table top bean to cup coffee machine of choice has long been the outstanding N & W Korinto.  It is an exceptional machine which produces great coffee, is reliable, looks great and is well priced.  However it does not produce tea, does not have an internal cup dispenser and does not have the ability to have a change giving coin mechanism added to it.  This did, until recently, leave a gap in our equipment range.  However we have recently managed to fill this.

The machine that we have gone with is the Crane Genesis bean to cup machine.  It is table top and uses fresh coffee beans and leaf tea to produce it’s drinks.  It also produces a chocolate drink and has the ability to produce a decaffeinated coffee.  In addition to this phenomenal drinks range it has an internal cup dispenser so the user has the option to either use their own mug or use a paper cup (either 7oz or the larger 9oz measure) that will be dispensed from the machine.  Unlike the Korinto it also has an internal sugar dispenser which means that you don’t have the mess of sugar sachets and stirrers.  The other big benefit of the Genesis machine is that it can be fitted with an internal change giving coin mechanism.  This last feature makes it ideal for situations where you require a table top coffee machine that dispenses high quality drinks that are being charged for.  One such application would be in golf clubs where there is a need to offer good quality tea and coffee facilities all day but there may not always be a member of staff manning the bar area.

If you would like a visit from one of our sales team in order to learn more about the Genesis coffee machine then please do give us a call.  In certain circumstances we can even arrange a trial of the equipment.  With this new system we really do feel that we have all the bases covered!

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Korinto Bean To Cup Machine Versus The Kenco Singles System

We are often asked to supply good quality hot drinks systems to offices that will supply coffee, tea, hot chocolate and speciality coffees such as cappuccino.  We are also regularly asked for something that doesn’t require much in the way of cleaning.  On top of this, particularly in thepresent economic climate, cost is often a big issue.  In the West End and City of London particularly space is at a premium and as such table top equipment that can fit into a staff kitchen is often the preferred choice.

This set of criteria often leads to a choice between two systems: the Kenco Singles machine and the Korinto bean to cup system

In terms of machine cost the Korinto is the more expensive piece of equipment coming in at over twice the cost of the Kenco Singles brewer.  However the Kenco Singles drinks capsules are roughly fifty percent more expensive than each drink that the Korinto dispenses.  The conclusion that we can draw from this is that the Kenco Singles machine is more cost effective for a smaller office and the Korinto more cost effective for a larger office.

If we look at the cleaning that is required in both systems there is a big difference.  Any bean to cup coffee machine will need to be cleaned on a regular basis with the mixing bowls and nozzles taken out a cleaned in a sink at least once, and preferably twice, a week.  It is also advisable to run the flush cycle on these machines at least once a day.  The Kenco Singles brewer on the other hand does not really need a daily clean.  It does, however benefit from a wipe down ever now and again.  Every few weeks it is advisable to take the clamp assembly out and clean this is some hot water and washing up liquid.  There is no doubt about it: the Singles system requires a great deal less cleaning.

The Kenco Singles drinks range includes teas, coffees, hot chocolate and thenew cappuccino capsule.  However it does not include “proper” frothy coffees as the cappuccino is sweetened and it has no latte or mocha option.  The Korinto does offer these drinks but can only offer hot water for tea.  The bottom line is that if you want tea the Kenco Singles machine wins out but if you want larger cappuccinos and lattes then the Korinto is a better bet.

The truth is that there is no one right answer.  Both are exceptionally good systems and both are well suited for use as an office coffee machine.  When choosing which system is right for you it is a case of asking which parts of the offer are more important to you and your staff.  If you have a large office and are more concerned with providing a range of speciality coffees, perhaps in a 9oz or 10oz measure then the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine is the best option for you.  If however you have a smaller office and are more likely to use teas or infusions then the kenco Singles system is probably a better option.  It may be that neither of these systems is the correct one for you and you need to look at a different option in our range of coffee vending machines.  Whichever is the case we are very happy to offer advice if you are unsure as to the correct choice for your company.  We are also happy to visit and take a look first and at your requirements.  This enables us to give you the most well informed advice that we possibly can.

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Neva bean to cup coffee machine versus the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine

Over the years the most popular bean to cup machine that we have supplied has always been whatever table top, mid range, powdered milk system that was in our portfolio at that point in time.  Up until three years ago that was the Neva bean to cup coffee machine.  After that point we changed to the Korinto table top bean to cup coffee machine.  So what were the reasons for this change?

For a start the Korinto produces a better espresso base for all of it’s coffee based drinks.  This is due to the fact that the espresso is produced under a much higher pressure than the Neva uses.  This results in a much better extraction of flavour from thecoffee beans and as such means a much better drink.  The Neva coffee based drinks do have a tendency to come out a bit more watery.  The other issue is that because the Neva brews the coffee in a large chamber that sits outside of the internals of themachine the coffee tends to lose some of it’s temperature and really needs a cup warmer if you are using china cups.  The drinks from theKorinto tend to come out hotter.

Over the past three years we have found the Korinto to be more reliable than the Neva machine.  Neither are particularly unreliable but we certainly have less faults per machine per year with the Korinto.  Our customers also find the Korinto easier to clean and look after as there are fewer parts that need to be taken off the machine for it’s daily clean.  It was not uncommon for us to have customers call in to say they had taken the brewer unit off of the Neva and were unable to put it back!  Whilst this is not really a machine fault it certainly meant a technician visit and the machine would be out of action for a day or two.

Last, but certainly not least, the Korinto is slightly cheaper.  In addition because it is more reliable we are able to offer a better value warranty package, further reducing the cost of running the machine.

Overall we feel that the Korinto offers better value for money, a better drink and is easier to look after.  We have had nothing but positive feedback about the Korinto from our customers, sales team and our technicians.  For more information about the machine and various deals that we have available please give us a call.  We will be happy to arrange for someone to visit you premises and can, in some cases even arrange for a demonstration or a short trial.  We also have a number of customers who are happy for us to arrange a site visit so that you can see the machine working in a workplace.  The Korinto is suitable for a whole range of applications including offices, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.  This system isn’t right for every situation but it is most certainly our most popular bean to cup coffee machine.

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The Jura Office Coffee Machine Solution

The Jura range of bean to cup coffee machinesare ideal for use in an office setting.  All of the commercial machines that we offer produce a range of coffee based drinks at a touch of a button.  Whether your office requires 20 coffees a day or 200 coffees a day the Jura range has a piece of equipment for you.

At the lower end the Jura C9 is a very compact, easy to use coffee machine that will produce latte, cappuccino and espresso at teh touch of a button.  The C9 is well priced and very popular for the small office.  At the other end of the scale is the Jura Giga X9 coffee machine.  Jura suggest that this machine will cope with up to 250 drinks per day.  It can produce a range of coffee based drinks including those that you would expect such as latte and cappuccino as well as being able to produce two drinks at the same time.  The Giga X9 has two coffee bean hoppers and as such you can use two different beans to create different styles of drinks.  You could for instance have a caffeinated and decaffeinated bean, or a light roasted coffee and a dark roasted coffee.  We can even program the machine use a blend of both beans to produce a truly unique coffee, your very own blend!

None of the Jura range of machines offer hot chocolate however they do offer a stand along hot chocolate machine enabling you to provide your office staff with a rich and indulgent drink produced from either our Cadburys or Suchards hot chocolate powders.  None of the Jura range of machines are designed to provide a large amount of hot water so if you are wanting to offer your staff the facility to draw off large amounts of hot water for tea then we would suggest that you position a dedicated hot water boiler along side your coffee machine.  The problem with expecting your coffee machine to supply all of your hot water is that you will inevitably have short breaks where the machine is out of use whilst it fills up and re-heats the water.

For more information on the Jura range of office coffee machines please call the office.  We are the premier supplier of the Jura range of equipment in the London area.

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