Kenco Singles Brewer Still Going Strong

In recent times there has been a definite increase in demand for bean to cup coffee machines, often at the expense of other systems.  Given that one might think that this greater demand for a bean to cup offer might be the death of the Kenco Singles system.  On the face of it the Kenco Singles machine doesn’t offer the larger, frothy coffee specialities that the modern consumer is demanding.  The reality is somewhat different.

Kenco Local Business Service are still selling a great number of new and refurbished Singles Brewers for a number of very good reasons.

Firstly there are much simpler to look after on a daily basis than a bean to cup machine.  Bean to cup coffee machines, particularly those that use fresh milk, require daily cleaning, where the Kenco Singles Machine does not.

Coffee machines that grind fresh beans and then brew a coffee from them are more complicated than the Singles system and as such are likely to go wrong a little more often.  The Kenco Singles Brewer is our most reliable system requiring on average less than one fault call from our technical team per year per machine.

The cost of the equipment is another factor with the Singles brewer being a fraction of the cost of fresh ground coffee systems as is the range of non-coffee drinks.  There are a good choice of teas including Peppermint, Earl Grey and PG Tips as well as Suchard chocolate and a range of standard coffees including Carte Noire available in the Singles capsule range which are not available in most other coffee systems.

Typically the more expensive bean to cup equipment requires plumbing into the water mains whereas the Kenco Singles equipment can be manually filled with water or plumbed in depending on the customers requirements.

For all of these reasons the Kenco Singles machine is still very popular and has proved to be a success in a variety of sites including hotels, offices, bars and pubs.  If you are looking for one in the London region then we are well placed to offer both the machine and any service support that you may require for it.  We also supply the entire range of capsules at very competitive prices.  For more information please give our office a call on 01494 785808.




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Free Loan Cold Drinks Machines

Thanks to our close working relationship with Britvic we are able to offer cold drinks machine free on loan to work places with sufficient staff.  We normally reserve these machines for sites with over 50 people.  Our trained operators will visit to keep the machines topped up with delicious ice cold drinks.  All you have to do is provide us with the space and a electrical socket.  To emphasise the point this really is at no cost to the company; we simply take the money from the cash box as our payment.

If you have an office and would like to provide a can vendor for staff at no cost to your company please give the office a call and we will be delighted to go through the options with you.

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Refurbished table top bean to cup coffee machines

We have a varying range of refurbished coffee machines available.  Currently there are a range of table top bean to cup systems available including Colibris, Koros, Jura X9s, Jura XS90s and Korintos.

The Colibri, Koro and Korinto are all bean to cup machines that use powdered or granulated milk.  We always recommend Milfresh as we believe it to be the best product on the market and capable of giving a milk froth almost as good as fresh milk.  The Colibri and Korinto also offer indulgent and frothy hot chocolate and mocha.  All three machines offer a hot water option although it should be stressed that they do not have the capacity to operate as a hot water boiler.  If you require large amounts of hot water a proper boiler is a better option.  Realistically all three of these systems offer similar things.  The main difference is in the capacity of the machines and the range of non – coffee drinks.  In all cases the machines dispense the drink at the touch of a button.

The Jura Impressa X9 and XS90 are both bean to cup machines that use fresh milk to create the cappuccino and latte options.  As with the machines above they do offer hot water but should not be treated as hot water boilers.  These fresh milk systems will need more frequent cleaning than the machines that use a powdered or granulated milk product.  As with the Korinto, Koro and Colibri the Jura coffee machines dispense your coffee at the touch of a button and as such are very easy for the customer to use.

With our refurbished systems we can offer some very flexible rental terms including shorter minimum terms, lower payments and in some cases even free loan deals (based on drink volume commitments). If you are looking to try a bean to cup system then one of these might be ideal as you can try one without a major commitment.  For more information about these systems please give us a call and one of our coffee consultants will be happy to advise you as to the most appropriate system.  We can even send one of our advisors to your site in order to ensure that we install exactly the right machine.

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What is the right coffee machine for you?

In recent years there has been a huge increase in demand for solutions that bring the coffee shop experience into the workplace.  A bean to cup coffee machine is a system that will produce a coffee from whole beans at the touch of a button – the whole process being completely automatic.  Broadly speaking there are two types of bean to cup coffee machines:  those using fresh milk and those using a powdered or granulated milk to produce the milk portion of drinks such as cappuccino and latte.  Kenco Local Business Service can supply both table top and floor standing bean to cup systems and in either case a wide range of speciality coffees are available, including drinks such as cappuccino, latte, espresso, café au lait and Americano.  In some cases these machines will also dispense hot chocolate and water for tea.  With the plethora of coffee shops serving great coffee on almost every High Street there has been a rise in expectations for the office coffee machine.  Kenco Local Business Service are proud that our range of machines now allow you to bring Coffee Shop standard drinks into your workplace.  We can supply the machines as well as the training, technical assistance and products that you require to complete a fantastic coffee offering in your office.


These machines are proving to be very popular at the moment but there are a number of things to consider before deciding that a bean to cup coffee machine is the right piece of equipment for you.  Firstly they will require more cleaning and maintenance than other systems (such as the Kenco Singles or In Cup machines).  Secondly they tend to be more expensive than simpler machines that use only soluble ingredients, the grinder that grinds the beans can be noisy if used in a quiet office environment and the dispense time is approximately 30 to 40 seconds for cappuccino or latte, making them unsuitable for a site where there may be a long queue of people waiting to use the machine.  It is also imperative that in hard water areas a good quality water filter is fitted.  Failure to do this will result in the water tank becoming scaled up and rubber seals and pipes being corroded.  These problems can manifest themselves in various ways that will cause the machine to be less reliable than it should be.


In order to attain the “Coffee Shop” feel it may be desirable for staff to use china mugs or cups.  This is a great idea but you may want to consider investing in a cup warmer in this instance.  If you do not have a cup warmer and drinks are dispensed into cold cups then you may have complaints of “cold coffee”.  In our experience this often has little to do with the temperature that the machine dispenses at and a lot to do with the fact the drink loses much of its heat when it hits the cold china.  Lastly most will have a hot water option and there is often a temptation to use this for the production of tea.  We would strongly advise you that these machines are not designed to be used to draw off large amounts of hot water.  If you do insist on doing this you are likely to run into problems with tanks scaling up and machines taking time to heat water back up after it has been drawn off as well as requiring the water filter to be changed much more frequently.  A much better option is to site a proper hot water boiler next to your coffee machine.  These are the general points to consider but on top of these there are other issues depending upon exactly what type of bean to cup machine you use.


The fresh milk bean to cup machines that we supply are entirely of the table top variety.  The beans are generally held in a bean hopper at the top of the machine.  These are ground and water is filtered through them in a brewer unit under pressure to create an espresso.  This espresso is then blended with water and or milk in order to produce a range of speciality coffees.  This drink is dispensed into a either a disposable paper cup or a china cup if preferred.

Obviously a machine that uses whole beans and fresh milk (such as those in the Jura GIGA range) is the closest thing to the drink offered from a High Street coffee shop that you are likely to get in your office.  They allow you to offer the type of drink that you might expect from a traditional espresso machine but without the need for the specialist knowledge or training of a Barista.  However there are a number of things to consider before deciding whether to go for one of these.  Firstly they will require a cleaning cycle to be performed on a daily basis.  If this is not performed it is highly likely that the machine will develop a fault and require a visit from a technician.  In this event the visit would be outside the terms of any warranty and would incur a charge, because of this it is important that you are sure the machine will be cleaned on a daily basis before opting for this option.  Larger systems that use fresh milk will often have pressurised boilers that produce the steam required to make a cappuccino and as such your insurance company will demand that they are pressure tested on an annual basis.  This is a fairly simple process but must be performed by a qualified technician and often an insurance company will insist that it is carried out under their supervision.   Another small consideration is that generally speaking it is only the larger and more expensive fresh milk systems that will give you a hot chocolate option.  The fresh milk that is used in these machines must be kept refrigerated and it is essential that you pair your machine with a milk fridge to do this.  The milk will feed directly from this into your machine where it will be steamed and or frothed in order to produce you cappuccino or latte.


If you do decide that real milk is the best option for you then you still have to decide which machine best suits your needs.  One golden rule that you should follow is to opt for the machine that best suits your usage.  Too often we see our competitors supply machines that are simply not suitable for the level of usage on a particular site and this can lead to no end of problems in the long run and often the mistaken perception that a particular machine is “unreliable”.  The reality is often that the wrong machine was recommended in the first place and simply doesn’t cope with the demand.  If you are looking for a machine that will produce up to 40 coffees a day then the Jura C9 or XS90 are worth consideration.  If however you require a piece of equipment to produce over 100 coffees as day then the Jura GIGA X7 or X9 would be a better bet.   In either case your best course of action would be for an expert from Kenco Local Business Service to visit you in order to recommend the most appropriate machine for your needs.


There are plenty of bean to cup coffee machines that use either a powdered or granulated milk product rather than fresh milk (for example the Roma or Korinto).  One big advantage to these systems is that they require less cleaning than those using fresh milk (although it should be stressed that regular cleaning is still essential).  Typically the machines are slightly lower in cost both in terms of machine price as well as the warranty, and more often than not will give you a hot chocolate option.   If you are happy with a granulated milk offering then you do not limit yourself to purely table top machines and can go for a floor standing vending option if you prefer.  These have moved on leaps and bounds in the past few years allowing you to produce a high quality drink from a vending machine as well as allowing you to benefit from the many options available in the vending format such as an internal cup dispenser, various payment systems and potentially a wider range of drinks including tea, decaffeinated coffee and soups and there are some high quality granulated milk products on the market (such as Milfresh) that allow you to create a cappuccino that is almost as good as one made from fresh milk.  Traditional thinking dictates that you cannot get a high quality fresh ground coffee from a vending machine but that is simply no longer the case as both the N & W Canto and the Crane Voce will deliver a great quality bean to cup coffee.


As with the fresh milk systems it is important to choose the right type of machine for your requirements.  A Koro is ideal in a small office or meeting room where you may only require 20 to 30 coffees per day.  If however you require a table top machine to cater for large numbers of people then the Kobalto is reliable, easy to use and incredibly robust.  As discussed above there is also the option of a floor standing coffee vending machine such as the Canto or Voce.  With these larger machines there is even the option for our operators to visit in order to fill and clean your machines for you.  Either way it is important that you take the right advice from one of our experts as to what option is the best for you.


Overall it is fair to say that a system using granulated milk is probably slightly more practical in an office environment and offers a quality of drink very close to that of a machine using fresh milk.  If however you have a member of staff who is happy to clean the machine on a daily basis or you are looking for a system for use in the hospitality sector where there are catering staff on hand to maintain the machine then a Jura coffee machine that uses fresh milk might be the right fit.  There is no getting around the fact that there is a perception that fresh milk gives a better quality drink.  We wouldn’t necessarily always agree with that but the perception persists.  If you are thinking of a bean to cup coffee machine for your workplace then your best bet is to ask one of our expert sales consultants to visit in order to give you advice as to which system is the best for you.  We have many years experience in the coffee industry and we keen to share this with you in order that you end up with the right coffee solution.  Our base near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire ensures that we are ideally placed to offer this equipment in areas such as London, High Wycombe, Slough, Reading and Maidenhead.

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Cadbury Crispello comes to your vending machine

Kenco Local Business Service have just started trials with the brand new Cadbury Crispello chocolate bar through it’s snacks machines.  Cadbury Crispella has a light and crispy shell, is covered in a deliciously smooth layer of Cadbury chocolate and is filled with a light creamy centre.  The initial response has been a positive one so we are looking to expand the trial.  Look out for this new product in your snacks machine soon.  For more information about this new bar please call the office on 0494 785808.  There are more new Cadbury chocolate products in the pipeline and we look forward to bringing you news of these in due course.

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The Total Vending Solution In London

If you are looking for a complete vending solution in London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire or Berkshire then look no further than Kenco Local Business Service.  We can provide hot drinks, snacks and chilled drinks and our team of operators can even visit your site in order to keep the machines filled and cleaned for you.  Whether you have 50 or 500 staff we have the right solution for you.

If you are looking for a floor standing hot drinks machine then the Astro or Voce are good options.  Both machines are available in a variety of formats including bean to cup, instant ingredients or freshbrew products.  We can advise you as to what option is most suitable depending on how many people will use the machine, your budget and how fast you need the machine to dispense.  They can also both dispense 7oz, 9oz or even large coffee shop style paper 12oz cups.  There is even an option to use your own mug rather than a paper one from the machine.  A full range of coffees are available from the machine including cappuccino, latte, espresso and cafe au lait.  Tea, soup and hot chocolate can also be dispensed from these systems.  We have had some success recently with the Astro “Big One” using Kenco Millicano product.  The machine dispenses 12oz drinks in a Millicano branded cup and uses genuine Kenco Millicano to produce the coffee base for it’s drinks.

If you are looking for a system to dispense cold drinks then the Bevmax is ideal.  This machine can dispense a wide variety different sized bottles and cans and has a massive capacity.  Alternatively a traditional can vendor is rugged, reliable and high capacity.  In either case we carry a wide range of drinks including Pepsi, Britvic, Coca Cola and Lucozade products.

The Snakky or Rondo a real workhorses when it comes to dispensing snacks.  Alternatively the Crane Merchant has  a touchscreen and adds a real wow factor to an upmarket office environment.  In addition all three of these snacks vending machines can be set up to vend both chilled drinks and snacks for situations where space is an issue.  We stock a wide range of Cadbury, Mars and Nestle confectionery as well as Walkers, Real and McCoys crisps.

As you can see we offer a full vending service and can keep the machines filled and cleaned on your behalf.  Lease, rental and even free loan deals are available from Kenco Local Business Service.  For more advice on what would be your best option please call u s on 01494 785808 and one of our sales team will be happy to talk you through what we can offer.


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New table top coffee machines coming soon from N & W

We are very excited by the new table top coffee machines that are coming soon from manufacturer N & W.  The Korinto bean to cup coffee machine from N & W is currently our best selling system of it’s type and there will soon be even more machines from the same stable.

The Krono is the first of these new machines.  It is a compact table top machine that uses soluble ingredients rather than whole beans.  It has 3 canisters which hold coffee, whitener and chocolate powder.  These ingredients allow the Krono to produce a range of coffees including cappuccino, latte and americano as well as hot chocolate, mocha and hot water.  It is very competitively priced and looks fantastic.  We would anticipate that it might find a home in offices, meeting rooms and conferencing facilities.

Next along is the Koro Max.  This is based on the very popular Koro bean to cup machine.  The difference is the addition of a third canister designed to hold chocolate powder as well as a larger capacity whitener canister.  These features now allow the Koro to produce hot chocolate and mochas as well as a range of bean to cup coffee drinks as it did before.  This is a really positive development as there is often a demand for chocolate drinks from office coffee machines.

Both the Krono and Koro Max are available imminently.  A little further down the line is the Karisma.  The Karisma is a high capacity fully automatic coffee machine that uses fresh milk rather than a whitener.  We know a little less about this piece of equipment but have seen a few details and some pictures.  I have to say that it looks fantastic and offers a wide range of options.  When we have some more concrete details I will be sure to bring them to you here.

These new additions to the N & W range significantly enhance and widen the range of equipment that we can offer.  Whilst they are new systems they are based upon the existing very successful range of equipment.  For more information please call the office on 01494 785808.


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Trials and demonstrations of our office coffee machines

We are always happy to offer a trial or demonstration of any of our office coffee machines.  If you would simply like to see a demonstration of the system that you are looking at then it may be possible for one of our sales team to visit your office with a machine on order for us to demonstrate it.  Alternatively if this is not practical we can often arrange for you to visit one of our local customers in order to see that particular office coffee machine in action.  Please bear in mind that it is not practical to bring very large equipment to demonstrate and a site visit to one of our customers would make more sense.  As mentioned above trial periods can certainly be arranged and there would be no obligation to continue with the machine after the period ends however we would expect that the machine is paid for over the period of the trial and that all consumables used are purchased.  We do this mostly to ensure that those companies that would like a trial are actually serious about potentially taking a machine from us.

If you are interested in a coffee vending machine then please give us a call.  One of our experienced sales team would be happy to visit you and talk through the options available to you and if you would like, arrange for a demonstration or trial machine.

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Hot or Cold: The Choice is Yours

The weather often dictates the kind of drink you want to slake your thirst. In hot weather the cold drinks vending machine is a popular destination for most people. From water — which you might have preferences about still or sparkling — to fruit juices and popular brands of soft drinks, one wants choices. Youngsters might even want cold milk or milk shakes. So you should be able to offer delicious and refreshing healthy drink options which match the user profile and location. In an office, the kinds of drinks you need to offer would be very different from the kind you need to offer in a school or in a hospital, which would again differ from what you need to have on offer at a railway station or bus depot.

Particularly in an office where most of the personnel are very young you would be expected to stock options like Lucozade, Coca Cola, Britvic, Pepsi, Tango, Mountain Dew and other famous brands. Cold drink vending machines like the Bevmax have a unique motorless vend mechanism which can handle most shapes and sizes of bottles and cans. They also offer a clear display of all products. In an office you might also prefer the kind of drinks vending machines which can dispense both hot and cold drinks. Portable hot and cold water dispensers are well suited to homes and offices because they entirely eliminate expensive in-house installation. All that is required is the purchase of a dispenser unit which is plugged into the wall power outlet.

The size and the number of selections that can be offered from any given drink vending machine will be determined by the kind of model it is. You should keep in mind both the available space as well as the amount of offtake likely over a specific period when opting for the model of your choice. It should provide a convenient and hygienic refreshment source. Even if you are offering something like flavored syrups, your customers should be able to mix it with different drinks like seltzer water, plain water or even coffee to get adequate options.

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Ease of Maintenance and Usage is Always a Desirable Quality

Smart electronics, user friendliness and ease of maintenance are a given with all Jura coffee machines. Take the Jura Giga X9 for instance. It prepares the full range of specialty coffees at the touch of a button since it is powered by three thermoblocks and three pumps. Its power steam system and sophisticated nozzle technology guarantee professional quality milk foam every time. The milk temperature, which is key to getting the perfect blend, is monitored by the built-in sensor continuously which triggers an automatic switch-off when the optimum temperature is reached. The bean to cup experience is enhanced by two high-performance ceramic grinders which are controlled by electronic motors to guarantee quick, precise, even and consistent grinding for many years to come.

It is ideal for barista bars, cafés, coffee lounges, bistros and even for medium to small offices since it can dispense to milk coffees at the same time. Alternately you can get black coffee and hot water at the same time. It can deliver 30 litres of hot water per hour or power steam for frothing milk. If you need an efficient coffee machine for continuous everyday use, this compact solution with professional permanent water connection is the answer. The Giga X9 © Professional offers very long maintenance intervals, especially when used in conjunction with a Claris filter system. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee TÜV-certified hygiene. On the other hand, if you need more variety but few drinks — around 50 cups daily — then the Jura XS90 coffee machine is meant for you.

Whether you want fresh ground coffee or a pre-ground blend, it offers you both options. It has two separate integrated heating systems to facilitate seamless, instantaneous switching from hot water to steam production. The machine takes you through the necessary operating and programming steps in a choice of seven languages. This coffee machine prepares your specialty coffee with milk at the touch of a button without you having to move the cup. This machine is visually aesthetic, easy to use and churns out delicious coffee.

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