The N&W Kobalto, Korinto & Koro bean 2 cup coffee machines

The 3 main bean 2 cup machines we supply from N&W are the Kobalto, the Korinto & the Koro. All provide excellent quality bean 2 cup coffees such as cappuccino, latte and espresso etc and all use our Milfresh milk granules to provide a fantastic crème for the white espresso based coffees they deliver. Depending on your circumstances there will be one model that is most appropriate to your needs.

The Koro is the smallest of the trio and is also the only model that may be manually filled with water (or plumbed). We generally recommend the Koro for low usage sites and where plumbing is not available. Like all the 3 machines it is a tabletop unit that is comfortable on any counter top or coffee table and is ideal for reception/meeting room scenarios. It provides all the espresso based and regular coffees as well as hot water for tea if desired. We would recommend the Koro for sites of up to 20-30 staff.

The Korinto is our medium usage model that does need to be plumbed to the water mains. This again can be a tabletop unit and is ideal for staff levels of around 30-50 staff. It has an additional container inside for chocolate powder so that along with the cappuccino/espresso drinks etc you may also have a Mocha or a regular chocolate – up to 8 different choices. Hot water is also available for tea. The Korinto may also have a modular validator unit should a customer wish to charge for drinks although it does not give change.

Finally the Kobalto is the ‘heavy weight’ of the range which we typically recommend for customers with over 50 staff. Like its cousins it may be tabletop but a stand alone cabinet is available to make it freestanding if desired (the same cabinet is also available for the Korinto). It goes without saying that it needs to be plumbed to the water mains and it is ideal where usage is expected to be high. The Kobalto features an additional 2 containers which allows it to deliver all the espresso based bean 2 cup coffees including Mocha and chocolate but also an additional instant coffee such as a Kenco decaffeinated option. This means that you can have up to 16 different programmable selections where for example you may have a cappuccino sourced from the regular Kenco Italia beans or a decaffeinated cappuccino from the Kenco decaffeinated instant coffee. Again hot water is available for tea. Like the Korinto it has the facility to link with a coin acceptance unit if you wish to charge for drinks but it also gives change. It also features 2 separate water tanks, one for the instant milk/chocolate/coffee side and one for the beans which helps the Kobalto deliver drinks rapidly in higher usage environments.

All 3 models are produced at N&W using processes approved for quality (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008) and the environment (UNI EN ISO 14001:2004). Both these accreditations underline N&W’s commitment to first class quality products and its attention to the environmental impact of its products and processes which it strives to keep to a minimum.

If you would like some more information about these or any of the other equipment in our range please give us a call on 01494 785808.

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Find coffee machines that are precisely correct for your needs

There are several things to consider if you’re searching for a coffee machine in the UK . You may have to assess a selection of products to find the one that is right for you, making sure that you don’t become influenced by the hype of marketing or advertisement campaigns in the process. Not all machines will be appropriate for you, so you should spend some time evaluating your needs and requirements before you start your search for a coffee machine in the UK .

Your type of lifestyle and preferences can help you decide on an appropriate product For example, if you are always on the go, then you may benefit from coffee machines for sale that quickly prepare espresso coffee. Therefore, what you require is capsule coffee vending machines. Alternatively, if you are looking to prepare other types of then a manual or automatic coffee machine may be better for you. Fortunately, both types of machines are easy to find on our website. Each machine provides its own unique style to your coffee; tastes will vary depending on the product you choose, so bear this in mind when you are looking to buy one of our coffee machines .

When looking for a coffee machine, another vital factor to consider is size. If you’re working in a small business with a small number of employees who will consume coffee and other beverages, then you have could consider coffee machines that will provide a suitable drink for your taste and needs. On the other hand, if you are catering for more people or staff, then your needs may be better catered for by a coffee machine that have a greater capacity to supply coffee and other beverages. We also provide industrial coffee machines ; these coffee machines allow a large of quantity of cups and drinks and are thus installed in cafes, cafeteria & restaurants.

Lastly, there are two more things to consider when you are buying coffee machines. You must have the right beans or coffee powder to make the most out of your coffee vending machine . It’s worth taking some time to study what machine will be best suited to your requirements to get the best of our range of coffee vending machines.

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Stock list of refurbished coffee vending machines

We often have a wide range of refurbished coffee vending machines available at any one time and now is no exception.  If you are looking for our most popular system, the Kenco singles coffee machine, then you are in luck.  We have a large number of these available that have been freshly refurbished.   We also have in stock many of the Kenco In Cup coffee vending systems including the Connections, Network and K Bar machines.  These will cater for any number of users from 5 to 100.  In recent years there has been a much larger call for bean to cup coffee machines that will produce larger, coffee shop style products.  If this is what you are looking for then we still have a number of bean to cup K Bar coffee vending machines that will create a 9oz cappuccino or latte.  Alternatively if you are looking for this kind of product but would like it in a table top format then we have a number of Neva machines in stock.

There are other machines available also and it is always worth asking us to see what we have if you are in the market for a second hand piece of equipment as it often changes.  We are able to offer much more flexibility in the contracts with refurbished machines over new systems as we do not have the up front investment costs.  This translates into shorter term rents or, in some cases, even free on loan offers.

If you are looking for a cheaper deal or to have extra flexibility then talk to us about our second hand range of coffee vending machines.  We have something to suit every taste.

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Delivering the best brew of coffee from the table-top to the in-cup system

If you’re looking for a coffee machine, there are lots of producers and suppliers who deal in reliable and affordable coffee machines in London . Coffee machines in the UK are also available with affordable prices as well as having something to suit everyone’s tastes.

In the London area, one of the prime suppliers of coffee machine is Kenco. Each and every coffee prepared from the coffee machine is fresh and filtered to provide the best possible taste. Kenco’s coffee machine offer quality drinks each and every time is what The secret of delivering the best coffee and hot drinks lies in the capsule, with each and every capsule foil sealed for freshness, you’ll get the perfect amount of tea, coffee or chocolate which will give you the ideal taste and refreshment. This magical capsule also helps the system to maintain a perfect temperature to ensure a freshly distilled taste in every drink.

You can install coffee machines at your office or school cafeteria very easily. These coffee machines in the UK are stylish and dependable table-top machinery. They offer a great variety of fresh hot drinks and are extremely hassle-free to use. As they are immensely reliable, it makes them ideal for meeting rooms, cafeteria, offices and reception areas. These coffee machines provide you with coffee in a number of different varieties, using various models.

There is a something for everyone with various types of machines available from the table-top to the in-cup to the bean to cup coffee machines . We are certain that you’ll discover a taste every time that you will enjoy.

One of the major benefits of coffee machines is that you are not restricted to a sole variety or type of brew. Most producers of coffee machines will offer you a rangeof alternatives including the type of roast, where the coffee bean comes from – as well as offering a semi automatic machine or a completely automatic machines.

So, when you choose a coffee machine, you make sure that you will receive fresh, flavoursome coffee each and every time just with a push of a button. When you have a Kenco’s coffee machine installed in your office or cafeteria, you eliminate hassle and can look forward to a good taste experience..

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Selling Kenco Singles Drinks Capsules

One of our customers has recently come up with a novel approach to charging for the Kenco Singles drinks capsules.  It has long been an issue that the validator which can be fitted to the brewer in order to allow you to charge for drinks does not stop people taking the capsules, it only stops you putting them in the machine.  To make those capsules more secure, and allow you to give change on purchases, why not dispense them from a snacks vending machine.  This has been tried with some success at a local hospital that we supply.  The hospital have found that the product is secure, any price can be charged and the payment system allows change to be given on purchases.

For more information about this or any of our other coffee vending machines please call the office on 01494 785808.

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Vending solutions for medium to large sized businesses

Many of our vending enquiries come from medium to large sized companies with over 50 staff. Such businesses typically have a range of requirements because the solutions need to be spread across a number of floors and also must take into account special areas like the reception and meeting rooms as well as the general office areas for office based staff and sometimes even a factory/warehouse site.

Alongside that is the question of pay vend versus free vend solutions. Obviously in the meeting room/reception is largely inappropriate to charge potential customers and visitors whereas it may be company policy to charge staff at least a nominal fee or allow a daily free drink allowance – particularly important in these difficult economic climes.

Receptions & Meeting rooms

We generally find that these areas require a higher quality system that is small and inconspicuous and is free vend. Small tabletop machines like the Kenco Singles brewer or a small Bean 2 Cup machine such as the Jura Xs90 tend to fit the bill perfectly since both systems can deliver high grade ground Kenco coffees into china cups which is often important to give the right first impression.
Where coffee alone is sufficient then the bias is towards the specialist bean 2 cup machine but where a range of coffees/tea/chocolate is desired then the Kenco Singles brewer comes to the fore. These areas are typically low usage environments and so the need to plumb the equipment in is rare. Both the Kenco Singles brewer and a number of the smaller bean 2 cup machines are available a manual fill but may be plumb if deemed necessary.

The general office areas

There are a wide variety of machines that can be used in these general locations but the most commonly used machines are floor standing traditional incup/soluble machines that can do a range of freeze-dried coffees/leaf tea/chocolate/soups. They are also able to have a coin mechanism that permits the customer to either charge and so cover costs or add an element of restriction where drinks may be part subsidised or an allocation of free drinks is available to staff on a daily basis. These type of machines are also able to cope with larger usage figures and are very easy to keep clean and maintain.
Floor standing equipment is generally either the larger fully automatic systems or the smaller floor standing models with a lesser range of drinks available. Whether a company opts for banking the larger automatic hot drinks machine at a single location (perhaps alongside a snacks/cold drinks vendor) or chooses to have a number of smaller machines at strategic locations throughout the site depends upon circumstances. For example, a site that has many floors and doesn’t wish to have employees travelling a long distance to get their coffee may well decide that a smaller machine on each floor is the ideal. However, a business that has a dedicated break room or kitchen area may decide that banking a larger automatic machine is preferable.

The warehouse/factory floor

Like the office environment the warehouse/factory floor generally is better suited to a floor standing traditional incup/soluble automatic machine. This is because the overriding requirement is typically to be able to vend a range of teas/coffees/chocolate/soups quickly with little or no fuss. The environment may also be exposed to the outside elements to a certain degree (despatch doors are often left open) and although these type of systems may not be directly exposed to rain/snow etc they are less susceptible to temperature/humidity changes and a number of them are very robust (although they will not take a direct hit from a fork lift truck).
Automatic machines are also able to have a cashless payment system retro-fitted should the production line/warehouse staff not be permitted to carry coins for health and safety reasons.

Whatever solution you feel is best for you please give Kenco Local Business Service a call.  We would be happy to talk you through the options if you need a bit of advice.

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The New Jura Giga 5 Coffee Machine

The Jura GIGA 5 bean to cup coffee machine is packed full of technical innovations. With two ceramic disc grinders, two heating systems, two high-performance pumps, two flow meters and two fluid systems, the new flagship in the JURA fleet can even serve two speciality coffees at once. What’s more, the virtually noiseless grinders operate independently of each other, so you can add different types of coffee beans to each container to create your own personal blend. All it takes is one touch of a button.

For the classic caffè latte, which seems to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity, the GIGA 5 has a feature previously seen only in coffee bars or restaurants. Thanks to some ingenious engineering, the coffee and milk flow into the cup simultaneously to create the ultimate caffè latte. The sophisticated yet intuitive operating system, with the “turn-and-press” Rotary Switch, makes it quick and easy to prepare a wide range of other speciality coffees too.

The multi-award-winning manufacturer has also raised the bar when it comes to the design of the GIGA 5. High-quality materials are combined with precise craftsmanship to create a pure, minimalist design that focuses on clean, simple lines. One eye-catching feature is the Venti Ports, the striking ventilation slats which work together with the electronic fans to pump warm air out of the machine and let fresh air in, because the double systems produce both steam and heat. Harmoniously integrated into the top of the machine, Jura say that they are reminiscent of a classic sports car!

In the right environment the Jura range of equipment, and the GIGA 5 in particular, can offer a great deal to any office, showroom, reception or meeting room.  For more information please give the office a call and a member of our sales team will be delighted to go through the options with you.  If you are based in London, High Wycombe, Reading, Watford or Slough then we are the Jura distributor most suited to you.

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The small office environment

Many of our enquiries come from small offices with 20 or fewer people. We also receive interest from organisations that wish only to service their customer’s needs in their reception areas. Rest assured there is a Kenco vending solution that is readily available.

The Kenco Singles brewer was designed with this in mind. A high quality drinks system that not only delivers fresh brewed Kenco coffee but also delivers fresh brew PG Tips tea and Suchard chocolate without the need to press a single button. It is literally that easy.

It doesn’t even need much by way of cleaning…if you can wipe down your own kitchen surfaces then you really will have no difficulty here.

The Kenco Singles brewer may be plumbed to your water mains like most vending equipment but it is also at home with places that wish to fill by hand….it is that mobile.

Our geographical coverage is extensive, including areas such as London, High Wycombe, Slough, Aylesbury and Watford. Alongside that about 50% of our business is thanks to the Kenco Singles brewer….it is that popular.

If you think this sounds like the ideal then give us a call on 01494 785808 and we will be happy to give you a quote.

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The talking Millicano coffee vending machine

On Friday  6Th July 2012, Kenneth the Kenco Millicano talking vending machine was taken to Soho Square, London to  have what was seen a great  time with consumers whilst commuting to work or commuting through the central location. Kenneth engaged heavily with consumers whilst delivering a fantastic Kenco Millicano experience. Showing consumers that there is more to be had from a vending machine than just great coffee. The up take was great as well as the exposure and awareness of Kenco Millicano, one man even played his guitar to Kenneth!

If you are interested in a Millicano coffee vending machine in your office please give Kenco Local Business Service a call.  We will be happy to help and our exceptionally experienced sales team will be hap

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Car Dealerships – proposed vending solutions

Kenco Local Business Service have a great deal of experience supplying car dealerships with vending solutions and so have an insight into what types of systems are  appropriate for the various areas that comprise the typical showroom or service workshop.

Car sales showrooms generally are the front of house area where first impressions are created. Quite often they also have a lounge facility where customers can wait in comfort. Cars can be quite expensive investments so the type of system that the sales showroom offers its potential clients should reflect the dealership’s interest in its customers and that means quality.

In our experience there are two systems that provide the ideal solution in terms of quality and style – Tabletop Bean 2 cup systems and Kenco Singles brewers.
Both are up to date in terms of style and both offer great quality ground coffee from Kenco. They both allow the dealership to offer favourites like Kenco cappuccino or espresso using the dealerships own branded china cups. Bean 2 cup systems like the Jura XS90 or N&W Korinto have the advantage of being able to offer latte/machiatto as well for the full on barista experience at a touch of a button whereas Kenco Singles can provide a large range of fresh ground Kenco/Carte Noir coffees that include decaffeinated coffee along with PG Tips/Twinings teas and Suchard chocolate for the complete hot drinks solution.

Both can provide this quality service on a very small footprint and are at comfortable on any good counter top or coffee table – ideal for the waiting lounge.

Most dealerships also have a service workshop area as well where the right vending solution may provide hot drinks for their staff. We have found the incup system to be the best blend of quality with easy functionality. Incup systems are also very reliable, robust and extremely easy to maintain on a day to day basis where time is at a premium. Incup systems like the automatic Kbar incup machine or Darenth Refresh 1400 can provide everything from a range of Kenco coffees to PG Tips tea bag tea as well as Knorr soup and Suchard chocolate – all at the touch of a button. These machines also feature change giver coin mechanisms if required.

Since the ingredients are already packed in each cup (hence incup) it makes filling and cleaning very easy and goes a long way towards making these systems extremely reliable and hassle free – ideal in a busy work environment.

Occasionally there is a need for snacks/cold drinks equipment in either the service workshop area where it may be difficult for employees to go to a shop or in the service customer waiting areas.

We are able to provide both snacks and cold drinks merchandisers that are chilled and have changegiver coin mechanisms. Where space is an issue we can even provide a combination merchandiser that is half snacks/half cold drinks.

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