The Kenco Coffee Brand In Your Coffee Vending Machines

After almost 90 years, the Kenco Coffee Company have learnt a thing or two about coffee. They’ve kept their eyes on the changing tastes of increasingly discerning coffee drinkers, innovated and adapted accordingly. So however your customers your consumers or colleagues like their coffee, we have the perfect blend they’ll love and our passion and experience can be enjoyed in every cup through your office coffee machine.

Everything we do at Kenco Local Business Service is about bringing you the perfect coffee experience. This means wonderful tasting coffee that’s great for everyone including you, the grower and the environment. That’s why Kenco are delighted to source 100% of their coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms to make the whole process from bean to cup as sustainable as possible.

One of the most wonderful things about coffee is its variety. Kenco source their beans from all over the world. Each coffee-growing region has its own distinct flavour and characteristics due to different climates, soils and altitude. Kenco beans go through rigorous quality checks throughout their journey from harvesting to roasting, blending and finally packing to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

Kenco brings you coffee that your customers and colleagues love and directly benefits growers and the environment. If you’re like us, a great cup of coffee tastes even better when you know it’s having a positive effect on everyone.  When you combine this coffee know how with our range of high quality coffee vending machines you can’t go wrong!

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