MiZiP Cashless Payment System From N & W Global Vending

MiZiP, the new N&W cashless system for vending machines, was developed to respond to needs of an increasingly wide customer base.  It offers an unrivalled level of flexibility and sophistication.

The new range is based on the Mifare contactless technology, which ensures reliability and a high level of security.

The MiZiP plus model is for those who wish to use advanced software functions, such as limited number of free vends, bonuses, loyalty programs, happy hours, traceability of all transactions, and is looking for a full optional system that includes all these functions without having to purchase additional interfaces.

The MiZiP plus model, is available in the key and key card versions, represents an absolute novelty for cashless systems developed by N&W.

Thanks to the integration of all functions within the CPU, it is not necessary to purchase any additional interface and the payment devices can be connected, through special cables, directly to the CPU board of your vending machine.

The MiZiP plus model includes within the functions of the Maxi Box module, currently present in the ZiP range, for recording the individual transactions.
The collected transactions regard for example:

  • signalling of system malfunctions
  • credit present in each individual key
  • details of each individual transaction (date, time, place, etc.)

The data regarding the individual transactions through you vending machine can be collected through the Maxi Key and consulted thanks to free software included in the application suite of the new MiZiP range. The MiZiP plus model also permits the use of advanced software functions (bonus, loyalty programmes, happy hours and promotions).

As you can see this system offers a wide range of advantages and flexibility.  It will fit nearly all N & W Vending machines including coffee vending machines such as the Astro and Canto and snacks vending machines such as the Snakky and the Rondo.

If you would like a cashless system fitted to your vending machines give us a call and our experienced team will talk you through it.

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