Fully Managed Service For Your Vending Machines

If you have a busy office and would like to offer a top quality vending solution but don’t want to look after the machines yourself then we can offer an answer.  If you can give us the space for the equipment then we can site the vending machines and visit on a regular basis to keep the machines cleaned and filled up for you.

We can offer large floor standing cold drinks vending machines that can offer Coca Cola, Pepsi, Tango, Lilt, 7UP and Britvic cans and bottles.  In addition to this we can provide Mountain Dew, Sun Magic fruit juice and Lucozade bottles.  We can provide cold drinks vending machines that vend either cans, bottles or both.  In any case we can operate the vending machine on your behalf and make sure it is kept full of the best selling lines.

Next to your cold drinks vending machine we can place a snack vending machine.  This can hold a wide variety of Cadbury, Kraft, Mars, Nestle, Walkers and McCoys products as well as a range of other products that you may not have heard of.  There are also a number of healthier items such as the Eat Natural bars available.  With our experience of the vending industry we make sure that the best selling lines are always available.  Again we can visit regularly to make sure that your snacks vending machine is kept filled up.  We have a variety of different sized snack vending machines which will fit into most available spaces.

Last, but by no means least, is your coffee vending machine.  This will complete you total vending solution.  Often when people think of hot drinks vending machines they think of a rather unpleasant insipid hot, brown drink in a cheap plastic vending cup.  This does not have to be the case.  Kenco Local Business Service can provide high quality floor standing bean to cup coffee vending machines.  These can dispense into a branded paper cup and produce 9oz or even 12oz proper bean to cup drinks.  The ingredients used to produce the drinks are high quality 100% Arabica coffee beans and Milfresh 100% granulated milk.  With these ingredients it really is possible to produce a coffee comparable to the drinks available on the high street.  As with the snacks and cold drinks vending machines we will visit to keep the machine filled, cleaned and fully operational.

We have a variety of deals available so these vending machines do not have to cost as much as you may think and the quality of the coffee through some of the coffee vending machines may well pleasantly surprise you.  Call the office to book an appointment with one of our experienced sales team for more information and advice.

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