Vending Machine Rental is Always a Good Option

So you run a vending line. When a particular location like a shop closes down or you find that it does not generate the kind of revenue you had envisioned then you have three options. The first is to sell the extra vending machine. A better idea would be vending machine rental — that is you give your vending machine on rent or lease to someone who is just starting out. Of course, you could also hold on to your machine and scout around for a new or more remunerative location.

Usually vending machine suppliers offer you only new vending machines for sale. However, there are some vending machine suppliers who willingly offer vending machine rental to those who may be testing the waters before getting into the business whole hog. It all depends on whether the vendor wants to start a bulk vending business or have a full line vending business. Both of these types of vending are well within the reach of the average person looking to start a small home based business.

There are definite pros and cons to each type. In full line vending there is less product waste as packaged snacks and drinks have a lot longer shelf life than bulk goods. To generate a full time income from such machines you will need less locations as the margin of profit is higher. When you are negotiating with a vending machine supplier look at what are the various vending options there are. Will the model support full line vending? Capacity and footprint are both critical issues. Depending on available space, you would be looking at a large capacity machine like the Rondo which is able to vend a large range of differently sized products and can offer up to 40 selections.

If you are looking to vending machine rental then check to see whether the machine has a vend detector system to ensure trouble free dispensing. Kenco’s Rondo has also an ergonomic delivery bin for easier collection of vended products. As long as you have opted for a reliable vending machine supplier , you just need to use the kind of discrimination you would when you are buying or hiring any product.

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