Quality ingredients give a quality drink

We have just this week had a call from a customer complaining that the cappuccino from their office coffee machine wasn’t milky or frothy enough for their tastes.  As with all fault calls we took this seriously and dispatched one of our experienced technical staff to have a look at this sick machine.  When he arrived he soon realised that there was nothing actually wrong with the machine itself.  The issue was the use of a low quality whitener.  This whitener tasted bad and produced very little froth.  Indeed what frothed milk was produced disappearred very quickly.  This problem was rectified immediately when we introduced our high quality Milfresh Gold milk granules into the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine.  This is a 100% milk product and as such produces a result very close to that of a cappuccino made with fresh milk at your favourite high street coffee shop.  This is a good example of how using lower quality ingredients can badly affect the drink that is produced from any coffee machine.  We were very surprised indeed when we received this call as we know for a fact that the Korinto will produce a great coffee.  We are pleased that this particular customer is now ordering Milfresh Gold from us again and is very happy with the result!

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Millicano in coffee vending

We have a lot of interest in the new Kenco Millicano product for vending.  It is worth pointing out that there is not necessarily the need to buy a new coffee vending machine as it may well work in your existing system.  It will work in any existing soluble ingredient coffee vending machine, albeit we may need to do some tweaking to the set up in order to acheive optimum results.

Another option is a refurbished Kenco Maxi.  We have a number of these in stock and as such can offer them on flexible and very competitively priced rental deals.  These type of deals are impossible to offer on brand new equipment because of the capital cost.  The machine itself offers a full range of coffee based drinks such as cappuccino, latte, espresso, americano and mocha as well as chocolate, hot water and decaffeinated coffee.  In addition to this great range of drinks the Maxi also offers a jug facility.  Providing the Maxi is set up properly and used in conjunction with Kenco Millicano Whole Bean Instant then it is possible to achieve a near bean to cup quality drink but without the cost of that type of equipment or the cleaning issues that often accompany it.  The other important ingredient to get right is the whitener.  The whole offer can be ruined if you use a poor quality milk product.  The way around this is to use a product such as Milfresh milk granules.  This product is 100% milk and gives you a finish as close to real milk as possible.

 We beleive that Millicano Whole Bean Instant is a great product that allows you to offer your staff a bean to cup quality coffee without the expense that is associated with that type of system or the cleaning time required with it.  When combined with the flexibility of the refurbished Kenco Maxi machines that we have in stock it really is a great offer.

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Coffee Vending In Hospitals

The modern hospital is often a vast and varied environment with many different requirements in the various areas.   At Kenco Local Business Service we have coffee vending machine options to suit you whatever your needs and whatever the setting.

We have recently done a lot of work in Private Hospitals in Central London.  In these the coffees and are often given away free and there is an expectation that the drinks quality should be very good indeed.  In these settings there is often a small kitchen serving each ward.  Into these kitchens we have placed a lot of Korintos and, in the busier wards, Kobaltos.  These are push button, fully automatic table top bean to cup coffee machines that use a milk substitute (we highly recommend Milfresh).  They are easy to use and maintain and give an absolutely top quality coffee or cappuccino.  Importantly we have been using this range of equipment for around three years and have found them to be much more reliable than other equivalent machines in the market place today.  Lastly, but still very importantly, they are extremely well priced given their specification.

In NHS Hospitals there is often more of a need for more traditional floor standing coffee vending machines with coin mechanisms.  Often these are positioned in waiting areas or Accident and Emergency departments.  Ideally these need to be robust and self contained.  The Astro or the Refresh 1400 coffee vending machines are ideal in these scenarios as they have a high capacity, are reliable and produce a wide range of hot drinks that will enable you to meet most of your patients requirements.  Both machines can be fitted with a full change giving mechanism and even note readers if you so wish.

The Kenco Singles machine is ideal for quieter areas of the hospital such as consultants offices or waiting areas where there is a need to have a hot drinks offer but no need or desire to have a fully automatic vending offer.  They are easy to use, remarkably reliable and produce a very acceptable drink indeed.

Every hospital is different and will require different solutions.  I have tried to show you some different examples here but we are capable of finding a solution for you whatever the requirements.  Our experienced sales team have a lot of expertise in this area so please do feel free to tap into this.

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Experience the pleasant change in your life

Market is flooded with various vending machines . They have immense utility in various different types of environments and their purpose is more or less the same.

Following are some of the usage of vending machines in different locations


They are greatly used in offices as they come in handy for people looking to have quick bite in between work. Hence, they certainly ease employees who would have otherwise wasted time by going outside in searching for the eatables. Coffee machines have equally gained immense popularity. What better way to refresh and rejuvenate than having coffee drinks, tea and hot chocolate as well.


Vending machines are quite popular in universities and colleges. The machines give the perfect reason to be stocked with various nutritional items.


Hospitals are synonymous with such vending machines in the waiting room thus easing the lives of hospital staff from stressful situations and get a breather by having them. Hence, their importance is certainly enormous, addressing the needs and requirements of the employees. They are the perfect substitute in the areas which are not at all suitable for large cafeteria or dining area. Hence they offer the best solution of giving the luxury for people to have snacks and drinks according to the choice they want.

Now thanks to vending machines UK , the owner does not need to pay staff in terms of selling products. Similarly, consumers do not have to wait for the shop to open.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, vending machines UK besides accepting credit cards for payment equally accept payment from mobile phones. The charge is deducted from the phone bill after the code is sent to your mobile. Hence, it is not wrong to say that they really have advanced themselves from simple and sober vending machines few years back. Thanks to immense utility, their popularity is indeed increasing with every passing day.  Get one and experience the pleasant change in your life. Your business can register increasing profits with each and every passing day. It pays to make right decisions at the right time and the time has come to try one. Finally, make no mistake and get the vending machine and ease the lives of every one. After all, the machine will give full value to your money and it is equally easy to maintain them as well.

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Trait of choosing the highly experienced and dedicated vending machine suppliers

Want to know about vending machine services? If yes then read further. A vending service provider provides vending machines to offices, hotels, schools, auto mechanic shops and the list goes on and on. There are various kinds of machines which are supplied and they include snack, soda coffee and food vending machines. There are various factors which go in deciding the type of machine which is suited for a specific location. The strength of employees who work in the organization is indeed considered since a company which houses more than 100+ employees require snack and drink Vending machine service while the one which only has 30 employees may require a different type of machine.

Companies who are looking to get the Vending machine service are in need to adhere the following things.

•  Number of employees who work in the company

•  Duration of hours of the company

•  Number of days in a week your company is open

The companies who require a vending machine service should pose the following questions to the operator as well

•  The person responsible for the repair or maintenance?

•  When do the companies restock the machines?

•  Is there a rental fee associated at the time of keeping the machine of the premises?

Hence, the operator is required to answer them. Mostly the vending company provides the machines without any cost. An reputable company restocks machines on a weekly basis regularly by providing repair along with the maintenance of the equipment as well. The operators decide the commission as they deem fit.

Thereby you can choose vending machine suppliers accordingly. After all, it gives you complete peace of mind. You know that if the machine develops a snag, you have a supplier with you in order to address your problem just when you need it. They will just be a call away. This is the benefit of choosing highly experienced and dedicated vending machine suppliers. As you take due consideration towards choosing the most appropriate supplier, you in fact ease yourself and continue to derive its immense benefits . Therefore, you need to do a detailed research on internet and ask various questions from the supplier by getting their contact numbers  to narrow down to the one’s which you deem fit. These are the simple and easy steps which make the pleasant difference towards easing your life rather than building further tensions and problems.

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Why coffee machines are a hit in the corporate world

People who are involved in most service sectors have to go through the most tiresome schedules and are completely exhausted by the end of the day. Throughout their day as well it is not possible to go on working continuously without a break.

In fact, sometimes a small break helps workers relax a little before they continue with their work again. Even employers have understood the need to let workers relax in between tasks. What works best when a group of workers decide to sit and chill on their own is a relaxing cup of coffee. It is for this reason that most offices or their cafeterias are equipped with office coffee machines.

The reason why office coffee machines come in handy is because people can just get one by themselves without having to place an order or ask someone to get it for them. The leading manufacturers of such coffee machines have understood that the key to the success of such machines is in the ease of use.

Therefore, anyone and everyone can get hold of a coffee without having to go through much hassle. The reason behind this is that most these are automated coffee machines that have been loaded with the ingredients from before and all it takes is the push of a button to have a hot steamy coffee at ones disposal.

The reason why most offices insist on automated coffee machines is because they do not want workers want to be dependent on anyone from the cafeteria to serve it to them as that would lead to reduced working time. An automated coffee machine will help a worker go up to a machine, get hold of a coffee and then head back to his or her work promptly.

In most cases, the expenditure for these coffees is paid for by the office and is therefore seen as a perk. From the company’s point of view, it is more like an investment with regard to human resources that is more likely to improve efficiency. The concept of automated coffee machines is not only a hit in the corporate sector but also among any other form of service related work that requires long hours at the desk or other stationary positions. Coffee has long been known as a method to enhance performance of workers where lethargy tends be deterrent.

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How to purchase beverage machines

The latest technology has ensured that almost all tasks nowadays are made easier and it is just a walk in the park to get anything done with ease. In fact, the latest state of technology ensures that your beverage is made for you. The use of tea vending machines has ensured that even the kind of beverage that people look forward to is made with ease.

These tea vending machines come at an initial investment but after that there is just the expense of filling in the ingredients from time to time to make sure that the machine is in a working condition. The frequency of filling in the ingredients depends to what extent the machine is used. Other than that, there may be a little expenditure of maintenance at a fixed time interval, which is usually every few months.

But the use of such machines pay for themselves in the long run. Some people even choose to buy used coffee machines. The reason why some people buy used coffee machines is to reduce the overhead of the intial investment which would normally be paid in the case of a first-hand machine. So as long as the machine works, it is ok to purchase one and use it for ones regular needs. There are a number of options people have from choosing between used tea machines and used coffee machines.

But the trend that has been seen  is that the demand for caffeine related products is relatively higher and therefore the sale of used coffee machines is also higher. However, in order to purchase a beverage machine, one must be careful while analysing the parts that are integral to it.

It is all but natural that someone is selling them for some reason and there might be some flaw in it. Therefore, it is always better to run a check before buying a used coffee machine or any used beverage machine for that matter. The reason why people buy them is so that they give service for a reasonable amount of time and therefore care should be taken to ensure that it has the potential to last for a long time. But these are options when one chooses not to buy a first-hand beverage vending machine.

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How to optimise the efficiency of workers using perks

Employers know that the best way to get their workers to perform well is to get them to enjoy their work while they are at it. Any person who does not enjoy his work is not likely to do well. What employers do nowadays is make sure that the workers have some perks at their disposal. For example, a lot of offices install snacks vending machines so that people can easily get something to munch in while they are working.

Surely a snacks vending machine is not going to provide a filling meal but it is going to prevent someone from having to go on an empty stomach. Sometimes the office schedules and pressures are such that a person cannot go all the way to have a full meal and has to make do with what he already has. Thus a small snack from the machine is likely to keep him going without having to crib about his predicament.

Someone craving a quick drink is likely to be in a very irritable mood unless he gets what he wants. But a run down to the local vendor is bound to reduce efficient working time. It is for this reason that employers install soft drinks vending machines that dispense a drink of one’s choice in exchange for the money that is put in the slot. Another advantage being that it helps in saving ineffective counter time.

The advantage of soft drinks vending machines is that people can easily get hold of a beverage and carry on with their work. In the absence of such a machine a worker would either have to stop his work or go get a hold of a drink from a store outside or carry on with his work in an irritable mood.

The office paradigm has a lot of restrictions and it is small things that help employers get the best out of their workers. Unhappy workers are likely to create an uncomfortable workplace to put up with and that in turn will adversely impact the net output. So in order to make the workplace more relaxed, carefree and enjoyable, employers allow their workers a few benefits in the form of perks to make sure that in the end it is their needs that are met.

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How beverages play a very important role at the workplace

A lot of people unknowingly or knowingly are dependent on a variety of things to perform better at the workplace. Among these, a cold or hot beverage is a must for many. In fact, many people are unable to do any work at all unless they get their daily dose of their staple beverage. For example, some people are addicted to their share of morning caffeine, without which they are absolutely incapable of functioning.

Beverages are an addiction for some, while some in fact see it as a way of doing something at the side while keeping busy. For example, many have the habit of sipping on a coffee while going about their work. Therefore, their efficiency to some extent depends on the beverage that they consume. While some have a thing for caffeine and its related products, many seem to get their drive from other beverages like tea.

A lot of employers have actually noticed the tendency of employees to rely on these beverages for their energy levels and therefore take the initiatives to install tea coffee vending machines that they can use anytime to get hold of whatever they want. These machines in fact provide a galaxy of choices, from hot and cold to, to the controlling of the nature and quantity of ingredients that one would like to have.

The reason why tea coffee vending machines are such a hit is because they help workers feel more relaxed yet energised at the workplace. They provide drinks to the workers with such ease and minimal expense, their success is bound to be prevalent.

For a greater part of it, tea coffee machines are in no way meant to raise revenue for the firm of enterprise in question. It is in fact one of the necessities of a workplace. In fact, the use of tea coffee machines at the work place has become even more indispensible compared to other amenities such as snacks or other food items.

All in all, beverages are, in a very vague but important way, an integral part of the work culture of most modern offices. It is almost impossible to find an office nowadays that does not have tea coffee machines for its employees. And in most of these cases, the machines are provided for and paid for by the office. It is only in a few rare cases that workers bear the cost of their own drinks.

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Alternatives to purchasing vending machines

A lot of people like to purchase vending machines for home as well as official usage. However, there are a lot of constraints with regard to buying such machines. The most prominent one however is that issue related to the cash that must be shelled out in order to purchase a vending machine. But there are alternatives to buying such expensive machines.

A vending machine rental is a good way to beat the cost of an expensive new one. There are a lot of firms and agencies in fact that purchase such machines then rent it out at nominal rates. However, the requirement for such vending machines has its restrictions  when people want them just for a day or maybe more. The reason for this is that they may have some function of event where they may require it. But it would be completely irrational to buy one new vending machine just like that if it were to be left out of use after one occasion.

However, vending machine sales have reached an all time high following the mass response that it has generated. The most convenient thing about it is the ease of use. There may be several advantages of  but the most prominent one is that it is very easy to get hold of a cup of coffee or tea, or any other snack for that matter when a vending machine is in place.

The reason why vending machine sales are at an all time high is because people are packed with busy schedules and packed routines. Thus a vending machine makes it easier for them to get hold of whatever it is that they are looking for quickly.

The concept of vending machines had been devised for people to able to beat long queues when all they had to get was one single item. So all that these machines require is the required money in the slot and then the respective product is out.

The market for such vending machines is on a high and the firms that produce these are well aware of it. Therefore, they come up with ways of making these vending machines more attractive and more user-friendly so that people are able to get what they want with the least of effort and complications. Vending machines make life much easier and that is why their sales and rentals are on a high.

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