Jura XJ Line Coffee Machines

The IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional is very much the little brother to the fantastically successful Jura GIGA range of machines and cuts an outstanding  figure where the quality of the drinks served is just as important as aesthetics in architecture, ambience  and design.

It creates perfect latte macchiato, cappuccino, café crème, espresso  and  ristretto at the  touch of a button and the clear and symmetrical design, sophisticated  chrome-plated  bean container  and brilliant silver finish add a touch of class.

The XJ9 professional is a more cost effective, albeit no less stylish, option when compared to the GIGA range of equipment.  It is ideally suited to a small office environment where there is a daily consumption of less than 60 coffees.  It is manually filled, has one bean hopper and up to ten pre-programmed drinks selections.  As with all of the Jura equipment that we stock the XJ9 will create a latte or cappuccino with one touch of a button.

For more information about this machine or any others in the Jura range please call the office.


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Refurbished Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

We are often asked for bean to cup coffee machines for offices in the City and West End of London as there is a real appetite, in this area in particular, for a high street coffee shop style offer in the workplace.  Unfortunately these type of systems, especially ones that can dispense one hundred plus drinks per day, are not cheap.  Sadly this often stymies companies where there are budgetary constraints from having the office coffee machine that they would like.

One option if you would like to keep the costs down is refurbished equipment.  We have a number of refurbished bean to cup machines currently available.  If you are looking for table top equipment then we can supply refurbished Jura coffee machines or N & W Korintos and Koros.  The main difference between these two ranges is that the Juras use fresh milk and the Korinto and Koro use a milk substitute.  Machines using a milk substitute are easier to maintain.  If you are looking for larger floor standing bean to cup machines then we have a number of K Bar bean to cup systems available at the moment.  These use a milk substitute and can also produce tea, chocolate and soups.

As you can see there are a number of refurbished options available which are lower cost than new.  The other advantage to using refurbished machines is that we can offer them on shorter term rental deals which in the current uncertain climate often appeals.  If we are dealing with new then typically we have to lease any equipment over at least three years.

There are many advantages to the customer of refurbished equipment.  For more information please give the office a call.

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Coffee and vending machine servicing

Kenco Local Business Service are a genuine one stop shop that allows you to source your equipment, products and service back up for for your coffee and vending equipment.  We can also supply service back up on equipment that we did not originally supply.  This service support falls into a few categories.

 When Kenco Local Business Service lease or rent a machine to one of our customers we always include a full warranty for the duration of the minimum term of the contract.  This means that if the term is three years you are covered for all call outs, parts and labour for the duration of that period.

If you purchase a machine from us then again we always supply at least a one year full warranty.  You can purchase additional years at the point of purchase or wait until the first years cover has finished and then buy further cover, the choice is yours.

If you already have a machine, be it purchased from Kenco Local Business Service or elsewhere then we can offer an annual warranty.  This is always subject to us inspecting the machine first and dependant on any existing faults being rectified.

Lastly we are happy to work on a call out basis.  If you have no service contract on your equipment and would like ad hoc work carried out we are happy to oblige.  In this case we charge a call out/labour charge as well as charge for any parts used.  In some instances we may make a charge for car parking as well.  We would explain all of this to you and ask for written agreement from you before carrying out any of this type of work.

In all cases we offer a discount for service work if you are buying the products in the machines direct from us.  We can also offer water filter changes either within a contract or as a separate issue.  Our technicians are trained on the Crane, N & W, Coffetek, Jura and Kenco ranges of equipment.  For more information or to arrange a service call please call the office on 01494 785808.

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The new Jura GIGA X5 coffee machine

The baby brother in the new GIGA range from Jura is the X5.  Like the larger X7 and X9 this is a fully automatic push button bean to cup coffee machine that will produce a range of espresso based drinks including cappuccino, latte and americano.  As you can see in the picture it looks great and will compliment any contemporary office setting.  It works well in small offices, reception areas and meeting rooms, particularly where you are looking to impress prospective customers.  The machine operation cannot be simpler as nothing more than one push of a button is required to produce a fantastically frothy cappuccino.  The TFT display walks you through most operations of the machine including the cleaning and de-scaling cycles.

As with all coffee machines that use fresh milk to make their cappuccinos and lattes it will require daily cleaning.  Failure to follow this regime will inevitably result in problems with the machine. 

For more information on this or any of the fantastic Jura range of equipment please call the office.  We would be delighted to listen to your requirements and offer a suitable coffee system.

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Bean to cup coffee machine for a small office

We often get enquiries for bean to cup coffee machines for smaller offices.  As you may imagine an office with less then twenty staff is unlikely to want to spend several thousands of pounds on a flash bean to cup machine.  There are however other options.

The most practical option is probably the Koro bean to cup coffee machine.  This system can be either manually filled or plumbed in.  The Koro can produce all of the main speciality coffee drinks including latte, espresso, cappuccino and americano.  It does use a milk substitute (we recommend Milfresh).  This makes it a great deal easier to look after than a system that uses fresh milk.  As a practical system for the smaller office that would like to dispense genuine bean to cup espresso based the drinks the Koro is a good option.

An alternative bean to cup option, but this time using fresh milk, is the Jura coffee machine range.  Either the C9 or the XS90 are good options for the smaller office.  Both are one touch systems allowing the user to dispense a range of espresso based drinks at the touch of a button.  This drink range is similar to that offered by the Koro, but with the milk based options being produced using fresh milk rather than milk granules.  The XS90 has a slightly higher capacity (when compared to the Jura C9)  in terms of the amount of beans and water that the machine will hold.  It will also accommodate a larger cup as the nozzle can be adjusted whereas the C9 has a fixed dispense point.  The one point that we always ask our customers to consider when deciding which option to go for is the cleaning.  Any coffee machine using fresh milk will need some form of cleaning on a daily basis.  This cleaning is easy to do as it is largely automated but you must make sure it is adhered to every day.  Failure to do this will inevitably result in problems occuring with the machine.

Both of these systems will allow high quality bean to cup coffee to be produced in a small office and both have the flexibility of being manually filled with water.  You just have to make you mind up whether to go for the fresh milk option or the less labour intensive milk substitute offer.  If you would like to discuss these machines further please give the office a call on 01494 785808.

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The New Crane Merchant To Revolutionise Vending

Our General Manager Paul Molloy and our head technician David Barber visited Crane Merchandising Systems in Chippenham yesterday to have a look at a couple of potential new bits of kit.  These were the Voce hot drinks vendor and the Merchant snacks vending machine.

The Voce is impressive in it’s looks and functionality and we tried the coffee from the bean to cup version which was superb.  It is also extremely simple to use and maintain which appealed to Dave!  Whilst the final decision is yet to be taken it looks like the Voce coffee vending machine will be the floor standing system that Kenco Local Business Service lead with from the new year.

Whilst we were impressed with the Voce it was the Merchant that really blew us away.  On the face of it it’s another snacks machine which has the flexibility to allow you to vend chilled drinks as well.  However I feel it is much more than that.  The new touchscreen display enables all sorts of extra functionality including the ability to display all the nutritional information of the products inside the machine and the possibility to catagorise them in various ways, such as healthy or less healthy.  It also enables promotions such as “meal deals” if several items are purchased together.  All in all it allows the vending machine to act more like a retail outlet and results in a more interactive experience for the customer.

For more information about either of these machines please call the office where we would be delighted to furnish you with some more information.

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Visit To Crane Merchandising Systems

On Thursday this week we are making a trip to Crane Merchandising Systems to have a look at the new Voce hot drinks machine and the new Crane Merchant snacks and cold drinks vending machines.  Both of these systems are available with touch screen technology.  We are very excited about seeing these two systems in the flesh.  Once we have some more information I’ll be sure to update you in this blog.

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Rowntree Fruit Pastels In Your Snack Machine

Kenco Local Business Service have just started to put Rowntree Fruit Pastilles into our snack vending machines.  As many of our machines are combination systems that vend bag lines such as crisps, bar lines such as chocolate bars and cans and bottles there are only a relatively small number of confectionery items available.  While we have to be careful what new lines we take on we are open to suggestions from our customers.  One request that we had regularly had over the past couple of months was for Fruit Pastilles.  Eventually we gave in and have started to put these into the large number of snack vending machines that we operate.  This new product has sold very well indeed .  If you are one of our existing customers and have not seen them in your machine yet it should only be a matter of time.

Fruit Pastilles were first chewed back in 1881. They are delicious and contain 25% fruit juice, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and come in five fruity flavours: lemon, lime, strawberry, blackcurrant and orange.

If you would like a vending machine in your office that dispenses Rowntree Fruit Pastilles along with a wide range of other branded snacks (including Cadbury, Mars, Coca Cola and Nestle) then please give us a call.

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Healthier snacks from your vending machine

If you have a snack vending machine from Kenco Local Business Service then you will have noticed more healthier snacks over the last year or so.  One of the most successful of these new items is the Belvita breakfast biscuit.

Belvita is a range of biscuits specially designed for breakfast. Made with wholegrain, rich in cereals, a source of fibre and containing a selection of vitamins and minerals, these delicious crunchy biscuits have been scientifically proven to slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours*. The idea behind all of this is that Belvita Breakfast gives you energy for the whole morning.

If you would like a vending machine that dispenses Belvita breakfast biscuits then please give us a call.  We would be delighted to give you more information.  If there are enough people on site that will be using the machine then we may even put the machine in free of charge!

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Jura Commercial and Domestic Machine Warranties

As an approved distributor of the Jura range of commercial coffee machines we are able to supply any equipment that is featured in their UK range.  This does mean that we can supply the smaller capacity domestic range of Jura systems and are often asked about such by customers that want a very small machine in a reception area, board room or CEOs office.  Whilst we are very happy to help it is worth noting that the domestic machines come with a domestic warranty.  What this means is that if the machine develops a fault then the machine needs to be boxed up and sent back to Jura UK for repair.  All of the commercial machines supplied by us come with a full on site warranty.  This means that one of our fully trained technicians will attend your fault machine at your site and fix it there, negating the need to send it off for repair.  Our technicians carry a large number of spare parts and are therefore able to affect a first time fix more often than not.  Obviously this is a great deal more convenient than having to drain the machine off, package it up, pay for a courier and do without the machine for up to two weeks.  It is possible to buy a commercial warranty for your domestic Jura but by the time you have added that on you may as well have purchased a commercial machine that will have a higher capacity and be no more expensive.  Please note that we are a business to business supplier of coffee systems and will not sell machines to the general public.  All of this is worth thinking about as these type of systems are complicated and more prone to problems than more basic systems such as those using soluble or In Cup products.   It is also worth bearing this information in mind when shopping on line as typically on line companies will simply sell equipment with the manufacturers warranty, in this case a return to base domestic type.

For more information about this please give Kenco Local Business Service a call.  We would be happy to go through this with you.

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